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    Your in-game name: KingJake Your Steam profile link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/kingjakezam/home What country are you from?: (US) Right now I live in Latin America, Dominican Republic How much do you play ZAM?: For 2 years Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes
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    i cri evrytiem 19.10 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: what significate ddos ? 19.11 - uvenus: Do Dick Or Salt 19.11 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: is not really ^^ 19.12 - uvenus: is it really ^^ 19.12 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why classixz say this to me ? 19.12 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: is an insult in england ? 19.13 - uvenus: Distributed Denial of Service 19.13 - uvenus: Ya could google it aswell 19.14 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: okok thank you 19.14 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: but why classixz said this ? 19.15 - uvenus: Well, go fucking ask him? 19.16 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: no the time 19.16 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: your know or no? 19.16 - uvenus: What fucking time? And what I am supposed to fucking know? 19.18 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: shutttt 19.19 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: no i want know on the website why he say this 19.19 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i know to you love me but stop to spam me 19.20 - uvenus: Ya mean this? "@*FR*skoll When the idiot that ddos ZAM stops." 19.20 - uvenus: Love you? wat de fucking wat 19.20 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: it was a joke 19.20 - uvenus: I am about to do allaha akbars 19.20 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i know to you hate me^^ 19.21 - uvenus: Indeed 19.23 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why 19.23 - uvenus: Why what? 19.23 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i am beautiful and more 19.23 - uvenus: That is a negative sir. 19.24 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: you don't like ? 19.24 - uvenus: Hell nah. 19.26 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: give me reason , i want know what i can change for you like me 19.28 - uvenus: Dude, there is absofuckinglutely nothing that you could do 19.28 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: okok ^^' 19.29 - uvenus: Yeah 19.29 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: pffff 19.29 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: the life is bad 19.31 - uvenus: Well it might be bad for you, so maybe you should go to school? 19.31 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why 19.31 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: hollidays 19.33 - uvenus: So? 19.33 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i can't go to school.. my god not really intelligent 19.34 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: joke man 19.35 - uvenus: Go to summer school mate 19.37 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i can't and why 19.38 - uvenus: Ya could go learn some English there dude 19.40 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: yeah if i can i do this but is complicate 19.41 - uvenus: You can do it, Just Do It! Don't let your dreams be dreams! Just Do It! 19.42 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: and you will stop to instult me ^^? 19.43 - uvenus: When have I insulted you? 19.51 - uvenus:
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    It's asking how much you play, not how long you've been playing. But gl.
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    why you heff to be mad?
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    can you pls look for my ban apply its 1 year ago can i have please a second chance?
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    First of all I want to thank you for everything you have done for us in the past 3 years. Nobody of us can imagine what it takes to lead UndeadUprising, ZAM and everything related to UU. The time you spent on all this is unimaginable and noone can complain about him leaving, since we, the community made him go. I want to apologize for the things, which went bad and that we didn't recognize or didn't help you, when help from all of us was needed and that we didn't took the opportunities you gave us. Thank you for the awesome 3 years! R.I.P.
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    TBH if i had to I would take care of UU and ZAM and i would be the owner so other people can still have fun. And if this is the case i would certainly take care of the Leader position and lead ZAM into the best i can.