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    actually an enjoyable video, not bad not bad
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    For people interested in making maps for ZAM, use this mod: https://gitlab.com/Classixz/bo1-zambunkers
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    Pat the troll king and the god of flying limbs. n1!
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    That was a really nice video pat, very good clips and very well made! Good job with the video and one more time happy b-day buddy!
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    i enjoyed so mouch and it was so good :-)
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    Happy Birthday man! Hope you have good one
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    Happy Birthday Patriot! Relax and enjoy your day!
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    HBD to one of my most trustworthy friends! Hope today is awesome!
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    *Fr-skoll Could not connect to Steam. What problems SvBeasty? You just liar. It is an example for you if you had net/steam problems. And check the screenshots griggz posted in chat box.