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    Hey guys maybe you've seen me on the server ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod. And I want to tell about yourself in detail. I am a person vital friendly. I always like to go to this this server ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod. And often play here and I get this adrenaline and fun. I always respect and do not even do not who pain. I am a man of justice like law and order but that the server will wait for just fun and chatting with other friendly players Why I chose this name (Flame souls)?- Flaming soul embodies the warm facets of life which is not rarely seen, and who mu, I like the name as the Flame Souls Why I chose the image of the tiger? (with seven heads)- Just for the coolness but not only, it is denoted as rate and power (since I'm good with sniper rifles that can aim quickly in the zombie's head partially 45%) Looking for a lot of friends that will always give a good and funny jokes and fun This is about me and everything! Good Luck!
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    Never seen you on the server too but Welcome anyways i guess
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    never seen you on the server but welcome to the community from the friendliest non friendly person here
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    Doesn't even matter that Flame is more active than denny and vintorez or not, they both said such they have never seen him on the server that's all. And in general guys here simply wanted to welcome him. btw welcome Flame.
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    What is your name when you play? @VintoreZ Dislike my post @Nagini when i said something like this? It show lot of about yourself
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    Iam Everyday on the server so cant be true
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    probably most downie comment ive seen
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    He is more activ on the server than you ? @Dennyb @VintoreZ ?