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    -Got banned today 23.8.2017, time 22:00 (UTC + 02:00) Time Zone -Server Zam EU (Red server) -I left the game when there was 5 zombies, 2-3 hunters. I played 3-4 minutes as zombie and I was the first picked zombie. Map was Jungle. Had 5-10 deaths, 1-2 kills. Reasons I would like to get unbanned: Well I love playing zam and play it everyday, why would I take an RQ ban for no reason? Also know the rules very well and I am sure this was a false ban by consol
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    Now you can cry because i have dislike your post, stop to try to do ban we, you have no valid arguments against me, and for dislike your post i have dislike what i found stupid by you, and when you said "they have destroyed whole website rules." ? Really? we are sorry for you Fade. "Writing some nonsense connected with French humor, provoking and dislikes my posts like Thx :3 and my picture that i have made in PS" i want Know where i have break rules in this, and i proposed on the chatbox that we speak for find a solution to our problem, but you prefer create this topic. and you said "writing some shit like skoll," give me a exemple.