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    Update 25 is now live! This patch features a weapon balance, bug fixes, optimizations, and a security update MULTIPLAYER General General stability improvements across various game types. Security update. Weapon Tuning XMC Reduced reload speed. Reduced bullet penetration. Reduced ADS idle time after firing. Reduced 3-hit and 5-hit kill ranges. VMP Reduced ADS bullet spread accuracy. Reduced ADS recoil stability. Reduced bullet penetration. Reduced reload speeds. HG 40 Improved 3-hit and 4-hit kill ranges. ICR-1 Improved recoil reduction. Improved 1-hit kill range in Hardcore. Slight increase in damage to improve odds at a headshot kill. Improved 4-hit kill range. Improved sprint out speed. Improved standing hip spread. Galil Improved reload speed. Improved ADS transition speed. FFAR Improved reload speed. Improved sprint in and sprint out speeds. Improved ADS recoil. R70 Ajax Improved bullet penetration. Improved ADS transition speed. improved ADS recoil. MX Garand Improved fire rate. Maps Addressed various exploitable locations in Citadel and Redwood. ZOMBIES General Fixed several exploits across various maps. View on Steam
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    The only thing dead is you, Bren! I still play like some others, it still lives on!
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    Brady ZAM is dead that is a fact.
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    Its dead lul dont even know why classixz is wasting money on it