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    Rules of UndeadUprising: Everywhere: You are to respect everyone, even if you’re not fond of them. Glitches within UndeadUprising should be reported to Staff members. If caught using them, you will receive a ban depending on the damage you might have caused. Your rank will not make you invincible to our rules, they apply to everyone. Do not post or link to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (such as nude/gore/etc.). Do not post or offer any information concerning piracy, warez, or leaked content. You are not allowed to do any kind of server, community and/or website advertisement that are not related to UndeadUprising. On the website: Do not post player reports in the chatbox, use the “Report Player” section for that. Also - don’t ask for unbans, use the “Ban Appeal” section for that. Do not spam the website with useless content, sure we could all have a laugh, but be prepared that some people might not think what you enjoy is funny. Don’t spam posts and threads to make it look like you are a regular on the forums if you want that post count needed to apply for a group you should start slowly. Do not give yourself reputation points; if you have a low amount, it’s probably because you made bad decisions in the past. However, don’t expect people to forgive you. You need to really put effort into making it better. Do not share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person. You are allowed to post links/videos and images in the chatbox if they meet the rules. On ZAM: No use of hacks, cheats or exploiting of glitches. Your rank means nothing when it comes to breaking rules. Don’t use it as some sort of cover. You are not allowed to leave the game directly after you got killed, after you became the first zombie or when there are fewer zombies than survivors. Don’t try to get other players killed in any way. Don’t destroy barricades for and of other players carelessly. If you want to get to their spot you need to make sure that you can replace the same amount that you destroyed and that you and the person will survive after what you have just done. Play the mod the way it’s made. Don’t AFK as a zombie, don't camp as one and don't help survivors as a zombie. Don't go to places you know is unfair for zombies. Don’t use the in-game text and voice to spam or harass other players. Using survivor features as a zombie is not allowed. Isn’t it logical? If you're on a player built barricade platform or any kind of unreachable spot you are not allowed to take cover inside barricades. You are not allowed to glitch yourself into cades and by that make yourself invincible from limbs. However you are allowed to use barricades as cover from the sides, but you need to be visible. On TeamSpeak: You are not allowed to disturb people in DND channels (DND = Do not Disturb). Your TeamSpeak name needs to be the same name you have on the website and on our servers. Member channels are meant for members only. No exceptions. Everyone in your TeamSpeak channel has to be notified of you recording while in the channel. Make sure you read the description of the channel you want to join or the channel people you want to talk to you is in. The description is a way of telling the users what kind of channel it is and if anyone is free to join or disturb the people in it. Members: A member of UndeadUprising shall always follow the rules. No exceptions. A member violating our rules will receive a strike. As a clan member, you shall always be reachable via TeamSpeak while playing on our servers. Common sense applies to members. Don't take influence from other members. Don't give bad influence to other members. Staff: Our Staff members need to follow exactly the same rules as any other player. You should report them if you see them breaking them, you will not get punished for reporting them. Staff members' decisions on ban length should not vary because of reasons such as friendship. Staff members shall always be reachable via TeamSpeak while they play on our servers. Purchasing stuff: When you are making purchases within the UndeadUprising store you need to agree with the following and if you don’t, you should not continue with the purchase. UndeadUprising has a NO refund policy! We will not grant any refunds. However, if we can clearly see that something is not right - such as purchasing a skin you already have - a refund could be granted. However, account credit is our main go. But keep in mind that all our sales are final. You must contact us with any billing questions or discrepancies. Performing a chargeback or dispute with your card issuer will result in immediate and permanent account termination. The purchases you make will be locked to the account they were purchased for. We do not do any transfers between accounts. Also, your purchases will never be taken away from you (all of the things you buy are permanent if not marked otherwise). Make sure you read and understand what you will get by purchasing an item. The sidebar will give you information regarding the product and its usage. Interested in why you received a ban for a certain amount of time? Check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1llVDJHQshWdHVFKpaMtVmnJuizGPshs8w1Fim1jlPg8/edit?usp=sharing
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    1337 posts... The most random milestone one could possibly achieve, but, let's just call it a milestone for the heck of it. Now, before I get into anything, I will admit - I have been post-poning and procrastinating making this post for a few days already, mainly because I'm a lazy fuck, but also because I didn't know whether to do it or just skip it and move on. This is why I haven't been posting anything lately. Now, once you get into this thread, you might think to yourself: "Wait a sec, Elmo recently made a post very similar to this.". Well, that is indeed true, because I wanna cover a similar ground as well. So, how do I even start off? I guess I could say that I am surprised that I made it this far, honestly. Hell, there's been so many things that I and dozens of others have went through in the past years of this community's existence. I have had very memorable moments in this community, some of which some of you "new guys" don't even have a clue about. Some might call it over-doing it, but I'm proud to call myself a veteran in this community, considering how long I've stuck around for. Me and many others have went through so much shit and let so much of it go, that it honestly shocks me. Hell, I'll be surprised if Classixz and some others even have any nerves left from what we've all been through. That, obviously, includes all the stuff that I've done as well, without a doubt. I've made mistakes, but I'm human. I'm gonna keep making mistakes, but I'm not gonna stop trying to fix them. So, let's dig into my history a little bit. Well, I wasn't the most popular kid back when I was younger, and I still am not, but the family and friends that I have that surround me are something that I, honestly, at times, think that I don't even deserve. It's just too good when I think about it. But, I digress. When I was younger, between the ages 9-15, I used to hang out with my younger cousins, Franjo (you can say Fran) and Matej (you can say Matthew). We always played football at one of three football fields that they have in the place they live in, Zdenci. My place is even more difficult to pronounce, but, heck - Duga Međa. Now, as I said, we always played football, but that's not the same anymore. I don't play football anymore, just basketball and some club games (i.e. darts and pool games). We never used to play basketball back then, but I liked it, nontheless. Now, whenever we weren't doing football, we rocked some FIFA and PES 2009 or whatever the heck it was back then, on their PS2, as well as GTA: Liberty City Stories. I remember it so vividly. They didn't have a memory card in the PS2, and they had one of those big-ass CRT-like TVs, was big as shit. So many memories were made there. We just sat for hours and played that shit until our eyes started to hurt. When we weren't on the PS2, we would play random games on my computer, literally everything from GTA III to the games that we even play nowadays at times, although that is on very rare occassions. Franjo is in his 1st grade of med school, and Matej is in the 7th grade of grade school (total of 8 grades in grade school, and then the grades in high school are determined by the course that you take). As I said plenty of times, I myself am in 3rd grade of med school right now, but me and Franjo don't attend school in the same cities (as a matter of fact, our schools are about 250 kilometres apart) and both of us spend more time in school than we do at home. That's why you see me on so much whenever I'm on vacation. I also don't have anyone to hang out with here where I live, as I live in a small village, with a small population (around 100, mostly elderly people). Now, this whole previous paragraph might've looked like a random pile of text with a lot of digression, but it's honestly my childhood in a summarized form. Some might read it and think: "Wow, that's just sad...". And, I ain't gonna lie, it kinda is. I had plenty of friends in grade school, and I have even more now as I got older, but I can't do shit when I'm at home. My parents cannot afford for us to move, let alone buy anything that's of a slightly "higher worth". Heck, my mom works in a food processing company which is so shitty that it would just be better off if it was declared closed, and my dad can't find a steady job in Croatia, so he takes monthly trips to Germany, where he works and then comes home to pay off bills, etc., etc... Heck, we can't even use our one car right now, as we can't afford to pay for an official security and system check or whatever that's called. Only long-time and truly hardcore games will sympathise, but video-games filled my childhood, and they still do that. It's surprising how a pile of moving images on a screen can do so much, but it's those games that got me through a shitload of heavy times. What did I do when my grandfather and grandmother passed? I spent the whole night just talking to some of my best (online) friends. It's unbelievable how just talking to someone you've never even met in your entire life, and might not even meet, how that can have an affect on you. When I was younger, I only had a total of 2 friends that lived in the same area as me, and they were amazing individuals, but we've grown apart now. Different schools, different dreams, different adventures. We moved on. Gaming? That's something that (I hope) will stay in my blood until the day that I am put in the ground. Whoever questions the meaning of online friends is a fool. Trust me, I know from personal experience, if you find the right ones, they mean just as much as the ones who (literally) stand beside you. This crappy $15 (maybe even cheaper) headset is what gave me the opportunity of listening to my friends cry, moan, bitch and dwell, but also share amazing experiences, times, things, etc... Gaming, it's something that ties to me so much more than to your average gamer, and I'm thankful. Many hours were wasted in my bedroom, just sitting around, playing video-games and talking for hours. What do I do when I'm on vacation and cannot afford to go on a trip, or have nobody to visit, or am just bored? Sit in one position 'till around 6 AM in the morning and just play and talk. Call it and over-exaggeration, obsession, whatever you wish, but I have no regrets. Gaming for about 10 years now, hoping for dozens of them to come. But, let's move on. As I said, I am in my 3rd year of med school right now, and my cousin is in his 1st. In Croatia, you go through 5 years of med school and then an additional 6 months of internship. The first 2 years are just theory, while the 3rd and 4th are theory, practice (some basic things that we gotta know, like drawing blood, washing patients, setting patient bunks, etc...) and course practice (taking our practice to the city hospital and actually doing good with patients and our enviroment). The 5th year is internship, but with some aspects that I am not fully introduced to just yet. Now, I'm gonna be fully honest here. Some people may judge, but it's me, so I don't care. The main reason I chose med was because I, over all, wanted a steady job with a high pay and great features, while the 2nd big reason was because I enjoy helping others and hate seeing people in pain. Now, why is the 1st out of 2 my main reason? Because seeing the shit my family went through as I was a kid was my personal worst ever experience, and it gave me countless nightmares about the future and outcomes I didn't wanna think about. I don't ever want my future family to even have an idea of what it was like. So, due to this, another big dream, for me, is to move to a country where it is nowhere nearly as horrific as it is here in Croatia. I keep thinking of the following lands - Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Canada and maaaybe somewhere in the States. Good thing is my English, which is something I get to kinda brag about, and my Grammar Nazi attitude that some people might find distasteful, but I prefer it, so I'm sticking to it. Another big thing that ties to my med education is the question that I've been asking myself for the longest time - did I make the right call? Could I have done better? Did I think rationally and reasonably when making this call? Maybe, maybe not, depends on how one sees it, but I'm gonna make the best out of it. It's a promise I made to myself that I'm gonna keep. A lot of people also ask me what my goals are. Here are (literally) some of the goals that I have right now: - finish school; - find a steady, well payed and fitting job; - get a family; - grow old and happy. And some of the things that I hope for to happen sooner?: - visit my best Internet friends; - fill up my Steam account with a specific list of games that I have; - upgrade my PC. Whew, that's a lot of text. But, I got more for your eyes. :)= As I said, this whole community is a big deal, as it offers us all great times, as long as we just agree to take them. I have had countless memorable times in this whole community, and I just wanna point out some individuals who I find important to me and say something about them. Yes, I know, everyone does it, but it's something worth making. A lot of people will be missing from this list, but I think people would legit start falling asleep if I wrote everyone down. To all of you that have doubts or don't know - you know how significant you are to me. CLASSIXZ - This Swedish cunt (I mean legend). Who knew one person could bring so much to the table. For years, this guy has been sticking alongside so many of us, and I'll always be glad that I was alongside him for the ride. I've learned many things for him, hated him, loved him, despised him, admired him. For (I hope) years to come, we're gonna keep on being annoying asses to one another, as that's something we are both experts at. But, in all seriousness, I truly cannot put into words how significant Classixz actually has been to me all this time, and I'm eternally grateful to him, for all that he's done. I, as I just said, am an expet in being an annoying ass, but that just makes it even more surprising how much Classixz has put up with me. Some of you might not know this, but when ZAM (UZM) first came out, I was perma-banned by Classixz. And I went from that, to this. Just looking back makes me laugh so much, that I really can't tell whether it should be funny or not, but I don't care. This beautiful individual has shown me such a good time for long, that it amazes me to an uncomprehendable level. Classixz, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for all that you've done. Keep up with being amazing, don't let the stress from individuals overcome you, and keep up with your outstanding and unpredictable work (of art) that you do for all of us, over, and over. INDY - Oh, little indy... Many of you will have different standpoints, and I will not mind that, but I got this guy into the core of UU. As he says it, he was just a random player of ZAM and had no goals or anything. Hell, he even asks me what I saw in him. I saw a hero. Something this community needed. Someone who is independent, strong, there when needed and fun and funny at all times. I may have gotten him to connect more to UU, but it's all on him what he did, and he deserves all the credit. Stay well, do great, conquer them all indy. <3 GRIGGZ0R - Massive troll, drunken fuck, clueless bastard, dickhead and - over-all - boss. To be honest, I can't remember anything from the NxT' times without looking at my CoD: BO1 screenshots folder, but this guy, he's one piece of art, I'll give you that. A person who's sole appearance on the ZAM servers already tells you that you're in for some good shit. From Cpt. Griggs, to Griggs, to Griggz0r (and plenty of others inbetween). Thank you for some epic times, tips, help and making some dark days be fun as fuck for me. MYXA - British slut, and my love child. Beastly knifer, with an amazing level of tolerance towards idiots. Well, technically, we are both idiots, but that's on a whole different level. Not much more to say, other than what has already been said. Just like every surviving NxT' clan member, he has his own big meaning to me. DEWSTY - Fag. Idiot. Moron. Whore. All in all, an epic individual who is funny as fuck and knows how to be down-to-earth when its' truly necessarry. We've put up with so much shit from one another, but we both remain where we are. Keep being awesome babe. BRABY - This guy is like a bot that Classixz made to dominate when it comes to knifing. Even when he says: "I ain't that good.", everyone gets their ass whopped. Always down to earth, always a realist, never a jerk, never loses. Brilliant guy. STLMOKEVIN - I don't even know. I mean, a wife, kids and he still has the time AND WILL to put up with a community loaded with ignorants and retards who would fail at a first grade math quiz. Well, I commend you, sir. A very dear friend, epic individual, eager to learn more day by day, and amazing to learn from. If UU ever puts up a wall of legends or something of that sort, Kevin better be in 1st place or I'll shoot someone, I swear. Also, don't mess with him, or his moustache will suck you up like a black hole and you'll never see the light of day (oh, the nightmares...). VIIRUS_iQUICKZ - One of a kind. Known for his long forum posts and level of detail, but at least he gets his point accross. Especially unique when it comes to his TeamSpeak3 conversations. Stay awesome. GREYHOUND - Devoted, I'll give you that. Always there when I needed him. Surely someone I can rely on. Really unique individual. Stay strong. KIRITO / LANCER / ANONYMOUS - Pff, this little fag (jk). Always volountarily helped in ZAM testing and made many things possible. A great addition to the team. (l2snipe newb) YUVALPRE - One of my great friends, who always had my back, whenever I needed him. Stuck with me for years and spent hours alongside me, playing anything we could think of together. Mr. YuvalPRO. :D UVENUS - Stuck around with us for quite a long time now, and offered us some really fun times. Truly great friend, someone who stuck around with me for a long time. DESTROYER - Shoots to kill (literally). Saw him get more feeds on ZAM alone than SwMt clan members all around. Had a great time helping him work on UU-S, and I still enjoy talking to him to this day. Keep up the great work. :) ECHO - This fucker was epic. Sadly, he is no longer active. Saw him pull off some awesome stunts on ZAM. Wherever he is now, I wish him the best of luck in his future and I hope to see him on ZAM again. He rage-quit cuz he can't upvote his own posts anymore. :< KICKARSE - Mr. CockArse. Me and MyXa still talk about him from time to time. Fagzor quit PC gaming for console. Regardless, we were awesome friends when we played ZAM back in the day. He was probably an even better knifer than MyXa, but that was back then. Hope to see his ass on PC some time. Epic dude. KILL ORDER - Awesome guy. No longer plays CoD, but we had some great times on ZAM. Nothing that I can remember at the moment, but, trust me, he was fun to play with. VECTOR - Sadly, he's no longer active, but he was one brilliant guy. Never backed down, always pointed out the facts, gave so many good ideas, and - what you may not have known - came up with the names Undead Uprising and Zombie Annihilation Mod. :) WAST - An underrated person who gave me so much inspiration and will to just push through shit and always go for more. An amazing friend, glad to have stuck by him for years. Also, legit the best knifer there ever was on ZAM, so, there's another legen for all of you. KING - One of my best gamer friends, and the person I've known for the longest time throughout my gamer years. And, some final words: I wanna go for more. I always do and I always will. So, I would like to run for Support staff. Indy has told me all about how it works and its' duties and I am ready to be a part of it to help out even more than ever, as long as Classixz and the others are okay with that. Why do I want this? Because I wanna take a load off of Classixz's neck, and call it a way of rewarding Classixz and the others for having put up with me for such a long time, and times to come. True, Classixz can always check all logs and judge the situation for himself, but I know that I can do more, and that's a fact that I do not need to prove. And, let's end it with this: I want to thank all of you, every single individual reading this, and many more, for sticking along with me, dealing with some of my shit, supporting me and offering reasonable solutions and compromised to many, many things, as well as being amazing friends. I have no remorse in joining this community, and it has a special place in my heart that means very much to me. Thank you, all of you, for everything. Stay strong, stay awesome, stay epic. Aaand, here we are, 90 minutes of typing later. Should I apply for UU (hint: I never did.)? :p
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    Requirements for applying as a [ZAM] Member: Must play ZAM Must be a member of the ZAM Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UU-ZAM Must know our rules and be able to follow them. Must be able to fill out the template bellow. Must use the [ZAM] clan tag while on ZAM. Template for applying: Your in-game name: Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: How much do you play ZAM?: Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No):
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    Hey guys. i seriously dont know what to say or where to start but i just want to say im done. UU or ZAM itself is not fun for me anymore, all the old UU that everyone loved and that i was part of is mostly gone now and im left alone. i told myself to stay no mather what i tried to lowkey be strong for the community and help as much as i possibly could but its really hard when the new UU dosent know who you are what im trying to say by that is that you cant have fun with people who constantly think they are better then everyone, its hard to explain but UU was always a fun place for me it was always my second family, the new UU dosent know that family aspect or that friendly aspect now its just everyone fighthing with eatch other trying to be the best and get promoted, i know its sounds bad coming from me because everyone knew how much i wanted to get promoted but it sucks to finally get it and hear people that suported you say you dint deserve it in the end and that you dont deserve shit when you have been there way longer then them on a positive note, it was the best 2 years of my life, i never tough i would have THIS much fun playing video games. the day i came back i dint know anything, i was gona go play ZEM and i was it was dead so i went on ZAM. and i falled in love with the community and mod itself and i knew i was there to stay, im never gona forget the countless moments i had with this community. the hours ive spent playing with my friends the hours ive spent laughing with my friends, UU isent like that anymore and no one can do anything about it anymore. i spoke up for not liking the new UU and got judged for saying my opinion, theres nothing i can do but say i dont like the way its going anymore UU once again was the best moment so far like i LOVED everything it brought and all the fun moments i had with it, id like to thanks kevin,pat,elmo,alpha,ramsy,bren,gunter,startoon,moon,indy,wildey,fluffle,bloody,platfuss,destroyer,horky,myxa,bananaz,brady,faith,estima,makeyousayWTF,ben,frupiss,uvenus,greyhound,iking,mudder,once,optimus,viirus,stoner,classixz,griggz,gart,nmaple,enrage i know i forgot some people and i am really sorry but i tried to remember every member i could in the 2 years i was here and there are so many more but THANK YOU all of you that made my experience as a UU member what it was, without any of you the fun it wouldnt of been what it was. love you all<3 so thank you for making UU,UU. a long time ago i told classixz one night that i would never retire, that i would always suport him no matther what and try my best to help the servers out as much as i could. the past months have been hard for me to call myself a UU member just because of how bad everything was going, its just not fun anymore... maybe 1 day i will come back as a ZAM admin, if i play egnouf or even if garts wants me after what i told him. but i want everyone to know ur opinion is important and i said mine i accept the consequences, im gona miss all of you alot but im still gona be on steam, just dont expect me to be on the website or on ZAM as much as i normally was, im so sorry for doing this normally i would say you guys are losing a good admin but people would think the oposite. a quick message to the people who made me leave, i dont wanna be mean but you know who you are. im not gona cry over it but i just want you to know you made it not fun for me anymore, something that was once fun is now something i try to stay away from, i told this to kevin the other night but normally i would want to be with UU to avoid the problems at school but now i wanna be at school to avoid all the problems UU is having. i was one of the most LOYAL UU members out there and i loved the clan so damn much. the day kevin and pat left was really hard for me because i just lost my 2 best friends my 2 best suporters, they were the reason i got in and i dint see any porpouse of still beeing in. BUT I STAYED IN. why? to suport to help because i loved the clan NOW im gona get some hate and some support for doing this, if you leave a comment saying something negative all it shows is who you truly are, i dont hate anyone so i dont expect bad stuff but its really not easy for me to do something like this, UU was my home and just like most people you dont expect to leave you're home, but i was let down and everything is now bad i just cant do it anymore. once again since ive typed this message ive been staring at the post button for 20 min now, if you end up seeing this just keep in mind it wasent easy if i was admin i would say im sorry for leaving because i dont want to let you guys down, but i was let down and now im nothing again so it dosent afect me.. and i know its technicly not a retirement because im already not in UU but i cant just leave without giving explinations. IN CONCLUSIONS. thank you everyone for the amazing time i had with all of you ill never forget UU, i have the UU hoodie and i love it so much and im gona keep it for ever to keep in mind the good memories i had with all of you as a kid your french canadian -Bluebird
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    Hello UndeadUprising, in this thread you will find all updates about UU-K and stuff which have to do with UU-K. Administration of UU-K: Classixz - Founder Bloody - Leader TheOnePatriot - Co-Leader Iamindy33 - Clan Manager Members of UU-K: Angelo [inactive] BIGz [inactive] Bluebird Braby [inactive] Faith Griggzor [inactive] iamindy33 Moon Bear Neejc [inactive] NoWay stlmokevin TheOnePatriot USpatriot [inactive] Viirus_iQuicKZ Kicked / resigned UU-K Members: Myxa Dewsty Fluffl Puff Ramsy Mudder Fragger GreyhounD AghChew Recruiter for UU-K: US: TheOnePatriot (If you are from America, Patriot is your tester.) EU: Bloody, NoWay (If you are from Europe, Bloody or NoWay is your tester.) I'm currently searching for a new US tester, since Fluffl Puff resigned. Any suggestions? Message me. Acceptance for UU-K: - You need to apply for UU-K Member at "JOIN US". - You need to do a 1v1 tryout, needless to say knife only, with one of our recruiter/tester. - You need to knife in ZAM. - You need to be atleast 14 years old. The points are self explanatory I think, but I'll try to explain why I've set these requirements: It's easier for us to check who needs to be tested in the next time and it's more official, if you apply for UU-K here, than just sent me a message. We need to see if you are a good knifer, so we do a 1v1 knife only to check your skill. When you knife in ZAM and you are doing good, our attention will fall on you very fast. Since UU-K also represent UU, you need to be mature and know how to behave, I think with 14 years you should also be able to speak English. There is NO specific number of kills you need to join UU-K, but you should have atleast 20 kills. MyXa and me will decide who join UU-K and who not. Winning the tryout isn't the only way to get accepted for UU-K. If you knife a lot in ZAM and we see you are doing good, you can also be accepted. Clan Hopping: When you joined UU-K and you leave us for UU-S, you are not allowed to join UU-K back again. You can't be in UU-K and UU-S at the same time. You need to decide for one of them. Loadout for UU-K: - MSMC (Supressor). - M1911 (Supressor) with maximum ammunition. - Scarvenger Perk. - 2x Tomahawks. - Normal Knife (500 DMG). - Bowie Ballistic Knife. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CAMP WITH THE UU-K LOADOUT! There will be also some special futures, new killstreaks and stuff what I won't announce here. Thank you for reading.
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    Halten Sie Ihr passwort geheim. Samstag, 16. Mai 2015 pif-p@f: Where u buy Five seven pif-p@f: Where Peacy*: Special Player Peacy*: nah joke Declassified pif-p@f: What? pif-p@f: Wizzard? Peacy*: Declassified pif-p@f: Class? Peacy*: Declassified Peacy*: the name of the class is Declassified pif-p@f: Mvp Peacy*: ye pif-p@f: Ok Peacy*: on the rightside pif-p@f: Class cow? pif-p@f: Cold? Peacy*: Declassified pif-p@f: Scout? Peacy*: Declassified. BRUH >.<
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    Dear ZAM and UndeadUprising, As of 2015-03-31 I will resign my position as the community manger and step down. By this state ZAM is a finished product that might/not be having any more updates. However this does not apply on glitches, bugs and new maps. ZAM will keep on running in the ownership of me and I will not hand it over to someone else. ZAM will keep on going as long as the players care for it and simply plays it. 1.8 date is still TBA. I will not stop playing ZAM, I will play when I got the time. Right now I got to much to take care of I can't do what I love to do, I will try my best and I know that everyone will be as happy as they always are when I join ZAM :-) As @iamindy33 did a video for me explaining the situation, there is really no need to make a big post about this, I just want to make sure that people know what this means. By today, UndeadUprising ONLY will be in lead by @iamindy33 & @Griggs ZAM staff recruitment will stay the same and be held by UndeadUprising, same as before. Yours sincerely, Classixz.
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    What do you guy's drive? That is if your old enough lmao! This is my Holden SS V8 330kw which is my weekend car, as i have a company ute to drive around in during the week. Cheers, BradymaNZ
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    Hi everbody, I am member at this website for about one year now, so it's kind of late, but here we are, my inctoduction. I think most of you already know me, but not a lot about myself, so here we go. Also I want to thank you all for my time at UU and ZAM. So yeah, you will already know, but my real name is Fabian and I live in Germany. I live in a little village in the near of the city called Nürnberg. I like sport very much, so I am playing soccer since I was 5 years old. I am skiing since I was 6 years and snowboarding since I was 12 years. For 3 years now, I started dancing, at first I tried HipHop, but than I turned to Breakdance and it's my favorite sport now. I tried wind-surfing, kick-boxing and tennis too, but I don't have enough time to do everything. In the last year I went to the GYM again and started training again. I stopped playing E-Guitar last year, because of time problems. At the moment I am going to grammar school/ secondary school (Gymnasium) and stay there till I have my general qualification for university entrance. Something about my family: Apart from my two parents, I have an older brother and a dog. I like listening to music, meeting with friends and ofc playing PC games. I first joined ZAM on the 14th. December 2013, so I play the mod since 1 year and 3 months and l love it. I started my way from the bottom (random newbie) and made it to an admin in the end. Some milenstones from my time here at UndeadUprising: At first I got accepted as an UU-K member and currently I am one of the two Co-leaders of UU-K. In the last months I first got accepted to UU members and than I got Moderator at ZAM. I also reached the 200 reputation and got over 700 posts here, in the last weeks I got promoted and now I am a real admin at ZombieAnnihilationMod. I want to say thank you to everybody here, because of my awesome time at UU and in ZAM. I can't list everybody of you guys here, but I just want to say Thank You. Classixz: I want to thank you of all my heart. Thank you for all the time and work you spent in here, to make what we have now. Nobody of us can imagine, how it is having so much responsiblility, work and things to do AND having a private live, like school, spending time with the family and friends, in this age. I think everything was too much, but noone of us, would be able to do that. My heart stopped beating, when you said, you will leave. Yeah the time will come when everybody of us will leave this, but I didn't thought it will be that early. I would like to hold you here, but it wouldn't be fair. You have every right to go after all that work you did for us and nobody can punish you for that. I would like to hug or kiss you now, but you're too far away. Classixz you will ever be the legend of UndeadUprising and ZAM. I will never forget you and what you did for us. I wish you just the best. I wish you will have a great live, I wish you will be healthful, I wish you much luck and fun in your live and yeah again, Thank you for everything Classixz. Thank you! Griggzor: You always looked for me like a little brother of Classixz. Everytime I wrote with you you used abbreviations I didn't know and you talked Griggzor English. At my first days you was my ideal and I wanted to be like Griggz :< You're correct dude, stay like that. Thanks for helping Classixz and with all these admin stuffs. IamIndy: Pro sniper, pro knifer, pro zombie player, ginger. Thank you for all the great tips you gave me in the last weeks and the awesome games we had in ZAM. Don't let the struggle overcome you and stay epic. You always speak prudent and yeah, your awesome! Myxa: Great knifer and nice guy. In the last weeks I felt like we veer away from each other, but I understand that your very busy at the time and don't have much time to talk and play ZAM. I am proud to say that you wanted me in UU-K after Braby left his role as leader and that I was the first UU-K member of your comeback. I hope I will ever be your UU-K boi und fellow member. Ramsy: You was the one who helped me joining UU-K. Brize was the EU tested of UU-K and after we did a tryout, what he lost, he talked shit about me and lied that I shot him all the fucking time. You gave me a chance Ramsy, you gave me a chance to show how good I can knife and after some time I got accepted to UU-K. Thank you Ramsy, not only for this, also for the good job you did for UU-K and that you helped me with a lot of things around ZAM. Faith: Wasiiiiiiim mate, love talking to you in TS3 and playing with you. Great sniper and awesome knifer. Ma cute boi :c Thank you for all the hours we spet at TS and playing ZAM, had fun and funny tricks you showed me around Black Ops. Stay awesome! Braby: Best knifer all around the world. Doesn't matter how many zombies are out there, you will go knife them. Great guy to talk. Viirus iOuickz: Love long post and perfect english :c Thanks for all the funny mornings I had with you in ZAM. Crazy humor, often does jokes. Stay cool mate! Stoner: We never played together or talked alot, but you seem totally ok to me! Maybe we will be online at the same time one day:D The One Patriot: Great guy, funny to play with. Great knifer ,thanks for all the nice time on US and private server. I like your voice:< Stlmokevin: Thank you for all these awesome tournaments and fun I had with it. Awesome that you have time to play ZAM and be apart of this community with your wife and kids! I like the vision of seeing them playing this one day. Plattfuss: Always funny to play and talk with you. Lmao everytime you and Hunting are in the game. Me and Hunting are still waiting for your invitation to your houseparty ;). Bigz: Thanks you for the nice time on US server, good knifer, great play style in ZAM. Absolutly correct dude! Neejc: Kollegah faaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Gym boi, good sniper and knifer. Thanks for the funny afternoons and nights at EU server. Stay cool m8! Hunting: German bro. Awesome GFX skillz, best steam avatars I've seen so far. Always funny to play with, even if we die all the time :< Great guy! UU-S snipaaaaa, member of NibNobs. Thank you Jan for all the great memories I have with you and the nice songs you send me. Can't thank you enough for being at my side all the time <3 Destroyer: Still remeber when we 1v1 and I got rekt like 30-3. Absolutly pro sniper. Thanks for the memories at ZAM. Elmo: Didnt played a lot with you, but you helped me and answerded me all the time:) Thank you! Redbananaz: Tryhard zombie:p jk Excellent player, thanks for the time at TS3 and in game. Good m8! Bluebird: Didn't palyed or talked very much with you, but thank you for the time on US server. You're cool. Bellucci: You was kind of my first friend in ZAM, thanks for the awesome time. Still rember when I was the newbie and always wanted to go with you xD Nice guy! Hope we will have more time here. Delitious: Kick-ass sniper and knifer, lowest ping. Thanks for the time we've spent on TS, ZAM and BO in genaral. Like your voice bro:d Awesome guy! Horky: Hoooooooooooorkyy fucking funny guy. Thanks for the memories and fun I had with you .Lmao yesterday with Deli in private matches xD Stay cool mate! Fluffl Puff: Beastly knifer, thanks for the time at TS, US server and private matches ! GreyhounD: One of my first friends at ZAM, we've spent a lot of time at ZAM and I hope it will be more, good snipa and knifer UU-K bro. BEAst, Coffe, pif-p@f, Swift Rebel, Unforgiven, Emmi, Frupiss, TheKinGJake, Angelo, Chees, Jackboot, Jesus, Meow, Raptor, Reznov_AV, Senpai, Speedo, SWAG, Tommy, WWGangster, Fluffle Puff, Zedrich, Skinny, MakeYouSayWTF, ShameOnYou, Agh Chew, Pro blue, Uvenus, DewTys, WHITELIGHTNING, mudder fragger, Spongebob, Myst2, Wildey, Quadapt, Startune, Cookie monster, Karmuh, Jgen, Big poker, Echinda, Stilichon, Provokant, Peacy, ...... Thank you for this awesome time at UndeadUprising and ZAM !!!
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    Congratz to... BLOODY - 80 BIGz - 80 Hunting - 40 Neejc - 40
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    So...Ye it's time. Me and Blue had a talk a long time ago and I said that I am so happy for UU and Zam but I said: -When will it all end? Nothing last forever. It lasted 1 year for me and omg this has legit been the best year ever. Thanks to UU I have gotten friends for life and have gotten so many memories that I will never forget. I am truly sad how this had to end, also how I lost friends. Why I am leaving is not because I don't play as much Zam as I used to it's because this community is not it was when I joined it. You can't argue about it because it's true and we all know that. I'm not saying that the community is shit now but it's just not the same. When the drama started many people expected me to leave, but I didn't. Why I didn't leave or give up in the beginning was because I believed we could fix everything and the situation would just be worse if I left aswell. And my friends told me not to leave because I spent so much time on this mod, tbh I waited a long time to get admin and ye kids if u want something u gotta wait for it I never thought I would make this topic, I thought I would go down whit this mod but I can't support this community anymore, I can't. It was fun being a part of the staff team and in UU but it's time for me to leave, Thanks for this time. - Moon
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    Now I'm talking to everyone. Everyone have different opinions and let people have different opinions. We should not be fighting over something we can't help or effect, let people have their opinion in this . The only one that have a saying in this is Classixz so there is no need to fight, if people do a hashtag then fucking let them! It's their opinion and they are allowed to express it, and to the people with this opinion, If people don't agree with you then fine they don't need to have the same opinion as you, it's their own choice. This is destroying friendships, and it should not be like that. Let people have their own opinions and we are fine. And stop with the bs to try to blame anyone because it's everyone's fault. I'm making this topic for all this to hopefully end because I could not stand it anymore. I was in the middle in all this and my closest friends in the community got kicked/banned, I can admit that stuff they did where not the best thing to do but don't talk shit behind their backs don't talk shit about them infront of me, they are my friends and I can't stand hearing all this. And plz remember the positive things they have done for this community and don't just look at all the negative. They love/ loved this community hopefully as much as you that are reading this are, for them this is/was like a second family. Yes it sounds cringy but that's the truth they care about UU, and if you haven't seen it you must be blind. And I'm tired that I have to stand up for my opinion and that I get shit for it and that people just assume stuff about my opinions, and I'm especially tired of people that are trying to argue with me even if I tell them I don't wanna talk about this ... Then I just get the comment : Oh so you have nothing to say? No it's not like that I can sit and argue and tell you what I think and what my opinion is, but I'm not gonna do that because I want it to end and if we keep arguing about this and keep talking about it, that's what gonna destroy the community, nothing else. Are we a strong community ? Do we give others second chances ? Do we accept that people have different opinions? Do we accept each other even if we don't like the other person ? Ask yourself that, I don't want you to share you negative comments here, you can think what ever you want about this topic I don't care, it's you opinion not mine. And now I don't wanna hear anymore bs about people and their opinion. As I said everyone have different opinions they can't always have the same opinion as you. And this is up to Classixz no one else. I'm tired of this and want to find a solution so if we need to fix a meeting for old/banned/ active members were we can talk about this I'm open for it. - Moon
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    Hello fam. I suppose I have some explaining to do. You may notice my new status as "Retired Staff Member", and wonder what the heck happened. Well, drama happened. A whole lot of drama. Drama kills friendships. It causes people to say and do things that they know in their hearts aren't right. I've always tried to avoid drama. Or if possible diffuse it in the best possible way for everyone. I feel like recently I haven't been living up to my Head Admin duties. I was in a strange way depressed by our Communities resentment towards Class and Griggs. I couldn't and still don't understand how a group of people can side with someone who willingly left our community, then earned a ban, then tried propaganda tactics to force a return. (I should note that my opinion is not shared by many of my friends.) Indy at one point was a great asset to our Community, then he removed himself from it. He wasn't forced out, he left us. Then made some video's that were pretty disrespectful to Class. You might be frustrated with Classixz for not responding, I applaud his restraint. But some people are followers. They see the videos and talk to him and are convinced that he will be some great savior for ZAM. Let me tell you, even when Indy was here, he was barely here. He wasn't on the servers everyday putting in the work, but he put in work when he could. I can't take that away from him. In his prime, he did lots for this Community. But he also turned his back on it. Now he remembers the good times and wants to return by any means necessary.. I can honestly say that Indy was a friend of mine. He helped me in the past like he helped many of you as well. But Indy changed. And maybe i've changed as well. I was fed up with the in-fighting and rather than wait it out, I chose a different option. I chose to make a statement. This in-fighting has consequences. Sometimes unforeseen. I will never stop repping UU. UU and ZAM are my second home. They are my family. I will never leave, and I will never turn my back on you. I will continue to be on the servers and forums daily as usual. If I earn my respect back and feel like I'm worthy of a spot on the UU roster, then I will apply and go through the same process as everyone else to apply for membership. Start from the ground up. Earn it the right way. Until then you will see me like always, playing ZAM and helping when I'm able. Kevin
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    Hey everyone, I would like to introduce you guys to two ideas that I think are worthy of making it to 1.8. And I need your feedback and opinions so then maybe we can fix the problems together. So: First idea: We all know we have something in shop that is called "Random weapon", and we all also know that it gives SHIT, and almost no one try's to use them, so what I am saying is, let's change the name to "Mystry Box", and then add NORMAL Mystry Box weapons there like real Zombies, Guns like, Ray Gun, Thunder gun, Galil, Aug, Python, Dragunov, L96 (Not 500 dmg), Ballistic knifes and more. So you can either waste 950 pts on shit (Dragunov for example), or you get the gold (Ray gun for example), and that's not all, in order to start your Mystry Box try you need to head to one of the dogs that are scattered across the map, Just like the dogs in the Christmas event. this will also encourage more peaple to try running. Second idea: A "Second chance" on every round, the last survivor gets a 5% chance of spawning again after dying, and when he spawns he haves no shop, he only spawns with a Ray gun and speedo, And zombies get a free SR71 for 5 seconds to spot him on the map, what that means is you can't cade, you can only run and Pew Pew Pew until you get destroyed by a 500 hp ;(. And remember it's only a 5% chance every round so it's going to be rare.
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    Here is me, just washed my lambo Edit: Me 2 poor 4 real car
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    Fairy Squad Mother is about to gush. I joined this community less than 2 years ago, on the 8th of June, 2014. Since that time, I've been a Guest, Regular, Member, Moderator, Senior Admin, and now Head Admin along-side @The One Patriot. Looking back, it feels like that time has come and gone very quickly. Almost 2 years should feel like a lot (to me), but it doesn't. This community has in a very real way become my second family. The friends that I've made here will transcend the video games we play together. I hit 1000 rep today. It's weird. Rep shouldn't mean that much, but it does. It means overall my opinions on these forums have been agreed upon 1000 times (at least). It's good to know the community you care so much for shows that love in return. To celebrate my little personal victory, I will tell you all how I came to ZAM and this community. I found ZAM during a transition in my life, leaving one major career for another and taking a huge risk in doing so. During this transition, my then 6 year old son Charlie (whom some of you now know and have played ZAM with) joined a modded server on Black Ops. It was ZAM. Charlie tells me it's fun, but people are using bad words I immediately kicked him off my computer and told him he cannot play ZAM anymore. That rule only lasted a few months, but I still don't allow him a headset. The cries are real But I'm the curious sort, so I joined the server and played a few rounds. I was addicted. I saw the messages about TeamSpeak, so I downloaded it and immediately started chatting up the staff and members, becoming fast friends with people I still to this day talk to. I've gained some responsibility since those early days, for my loyalty and presence in ZAM and this community. This has never been a burden to me, because I'm doing it to protect something I truly care about. Having people at my side like @The One Patriot helps with that. I'm not sure I would be the staff member/player I am today without Pat. He's truly a good friend of mine, a person who has also earned respect in this community for his skill and patience. (I could make an entire fanboy post about Pat without blinking probably). Having the trust and respect from @Classixz & @Griggs makes all the difference. Having you (the players) respect means everything. Thank you for being what I needed during many hard times and good ones. We're still growing as a community and will continue to do cool stuff together. ~Kevin PS- 1000 rep bish, get on my level.
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    Hello ZAM family, This has been on my mind a lot lately. I've been hearing some good and bad things about our regulars, members, and even staff since I started this roller coaster that is ZAM. Some people seem to think they know what's best for ZAM. You've applied for UU or one of the sub-clans 6 months ago and haven't had a response.... Have patience. For fucks sake guys. You may have all the best intentions, but trust in our leaders. Seriously. Good things take time. Maybe your buddy that applied for membership or a staff spot just isn't there yet. Moderators cannot become admins over night. You may think you know how to do it because you see us doing it. You don't. You haven't had the chance to learn the patience required to be a good admin. We're getting tons of new players every day. These new players need time to learn. (If your currently a senior admin and are not checking connections before banning, shame on you.) The new players are our future. Our future. Think about that. I'm getting off topic. I don't always agree with the choices that are made, but I stand by them. If I didn't trust Classixz, Griggz, and Indy I wouldn't still be here. The choices they make, keep this MOD alive. If hard decisions weren't made by these guys, ZAM would be dead. Instead, we're thriving. New releases, classes, skins, merch. It's impressive. Classixz isn't taking this money and buying a sports car, he's paying for the servers, fixing bugs, etc.. AND HE'S RETIRED! I'm so off the topic of what I wanted to say, so I will just end it as follows: I'm proud of us. But the bickering has to stop. Trust in the Clan. Trust in the fellow players. If you're applying for something, please be patient. Don't give up! Help new players when you see them. Teach them the right things, and not the wrong. Stop being judgmental. If you need to talk about a problem and do not want to cause trouble, feel free to contact me directly. No matter who or what your complaint is about, I will always try to be helpful when possible. Also, I'm not alone. Trust in the staff. Bury the issues you have with other players and find the common ground. That's all (prob not) Kevin
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    ok who wants cookie monster banned
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    Hello ZAMers, To increase traffic & fun for the US Server, I've decided to hold three tournaments next week. The winner of each tournament will receive $20 on Steam. There will be only 1 winner per tournament, so no 2nd or 3rd place prizes will be awarded. Knife Tournament (3 Rounds) A basic knife tournament. No guns allowed whatsoever. If you see a bomber, you better be good with a tomahawk. Co-Op Tournament (3 Rounds) Team up with a friend and survive. The winning team will split the winnings, but must survive the entire round. Cadessssss (3 Rounds) Stack up or block off a spot and survive the longest. Best of three rounds wins. All of these tournaments will be happening next week, at a time to be determined very soon. Start practicing on the US Server, and bring your A game. Thanks, Kevin
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    Introducing a new way of dealing with rage quits. Rewritten rage quit rule All players have an accessible rage quit log in their console. This also helps admins determine how many players were online and such. If a barricade is destroyed by a hunter a message will appear in the killfeed. Also, a red exclamation mark will be seen in the minimap where the incident happened. Various typo fixes. Update is live on ZAM
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    Bans now display remaining time, this will help people know how long they have left if they are not in the CET timezone.
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    I'm just glad that I found time to write this resignation so all I can do is just copy and paste it. I don't really care how much you guys read what I wrote, but the key word of this topic is “resign.” Enjoy! Hello. I believe it's that time guys. I've been in this community for over three years and I just cannot believe it. Time flies by, but not memories. After seeing what happened to certain people in this community, after seeing many people left ZAM, after seeing how many staff members there are, after seeing the DDoS attacks we've had and after seeing the ZAM vs ZEM situations we've had in the past, it has come to my attention that I'll be resigning. Between April 09, 2013 until now (the present), I've met so many people on ZAM who still play ZAM or stopped playing ZAM. I also met so many people on ZAM who are either my friend or enemy. I remember people telling me stories of how rude I was to the ZAM players and I remember being like that. It's because of how rude the ZEM community and the ZAM community was towards me. I'm really sorry for hurting your guys feelings but hey I managed to change a lot in 3 years. I remember mostly everything that I've experienced on ZAM and this is why I'll never forget my ZAM Memories. I actually have a folder on my computer called “ZAM memories” so I won't forget about this mod for the rest of my life. I've always asked myself this question and it's kind of hard to answer. Once I resign what will happen to me? First of all, I'll still be friends with everyone who is on my Steam friend's list. Second of all, let's talk about YouTube. As most of you guys know, I actually have a YouTube channel. When I resign, I will quit YouTube and move on with life. My YouTube account is already hacked and deleted so there's no point in making my last YouTube video. Last of all, I'll still be playing ZAM when I get the time to play it. I'll be active on the forums seeing what's up and what's going on. I just need to focus more in school and my life. Hopefully Bloody will be alright doing the notices when I resign but if he ever needs help just help him out. It's not that hard to do. Hopefully Classixz chooses the right guy to replace me because I've done a lot for the current and former staff members and I've managed to help out in this community. Hopefully the admins look at the reports on a daily basis because I've been handling the reports ever since I became a Senior Admin. You guys should actually thank me for my hard work and dedication in this community. My dream was to become a Head Administrator of ZAM but that won't be happening. I'd like to wish luck to the current USA staff team. After I'm gone there's only going to be 4 U.S. Staff members left. I apologize for resigning at a very bad time but these final weeks of school are going to be very tough. I don't want to go to summer school. I want to enjoy my summer vacation with you guys. I also want the good grades. Maybe in the future I might apply as an administrator once again if the staff team is in need of help (support). But for now, you guys got Bluebird, Gart, Stoner, and BradymaNZ to help out. The thing that I hated the most back then was when there were multiple admins in-game and one admin did everything. Back then, I was usually that one admin who was handling all the rule violators in-game. Guess what the other administrators did? Nothing. They just sat there, looked at their monitor and continued playing the game while I was doing my job. But hey, I did my job while they just sat there and didn't care at all. This isn't really a big problem anymore nowadays since we have better staff members, moderators, trusted members, and reporters but it was a huge problem in the past. I'm just glad we fixed this problem. Otherwise I would of resigned earlier if this problem was never fixed. I loved playing ZAM, but it's coming to a point that I can't really have any fun anymore like I used too. There's too many people complaining and I can't handle babysitting them. There's also many tryhards in this community that I can't handle anymore. Thanks to the tryhards in this mod, the new users just leave and never return. I hope you're happy you tryhards of ZAM. I'd like to remain as a UU member but feel free to disable my admin status on the website, on TeamSpeak, and in-game. That'd be great. Throughout the first time I registered my account on the website until now, there have been certain people who have written comments saying that no one should even read or listen to what I say anymore. I just don't understand why people in this community would say such hurtful stuff to a new website user. I totally got pissed off that people typed that stuff to me but guess what, I had to deal with them. How would you guys feel if someone said the same thing to you? Even though we all started somewhere different in this community, we all experience different things. I thought this community was better than expected. Guess not :| Then there are people who instantly get butthurt when I dislike them. Look guys, I had a negative reputation back then thanks to you all. I disliked people's post because I wasn't in support or their idea or I disliked how they couldn't type basic English. There's also those people in this community that hate me but what I do is just deal with them and not care at all (this sentence falls in pretty neatly for this type of scenario too - Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are). Want to hate on me? Go ahead, nothing's going to change. Then there's those people who type “it's just viirus” as an excuse because they don't know the real reason why I've been acting like this or doing stuff that I normally do in my life. They don't know the real me I should say. Then there are those people who consider me a troll even though I rarely do that nowadays. Then there are those people who can't stand my long posts like this one and reply tl;dr. I mean what if it was important. Who knows? Eventually, it came to a point that I stopped caring about what this community thinks about me. I just have to deal with the UU and ZAM community nowadays and move on with life. https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3085-viirus-life/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/4193-viirus_iquickz-is-not-nice-to-me-nor-the-community/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5091-rekviirussdream/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5068-his-name-is-viirus-is-a-dick/ I just cannot believe in the past 3 years people had to make topics about me. It just makes me sick viewing these topics once more. You guys could of just talked to me on Steam or sent me a private message on the website and we could of settled this problem 1 on 1. But instead you created a useless topic on the website, let most of the website users view it and then people start hating on me for a few days or maybe a few weeks. How would you guys feel if someone made a topic about you? Think about it. People in this community don't even think about their actions. They just do what he/she thinks is the right thing to do. It has been fun! I wasn't expecting this to be a very long resignation post but hopefully you all understood the concept of it. Thanks! And there goes 6 hours of my life writing all of this nonsense. Thank you! Later.
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    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. What you are about to read are some basic guidelines, tips and norms that will help you better understand how to and not to behave on our website and servers. These are things we like seeing from our players, as well as things that will help make a better player and person out of yourself, earn you more respect and make you look even more reputable in the world of Undead Uprising. :-) On our website: ~ Do not spam the shoutbox unnecessarily. If you want to ask for help, ask politely one time and wait for a response, there's no reason for you to repeat yourself, the message is not gonna go away. ~ Do not post anything on threads on which the discussion has ended a long time ago (check the date and time of the last comment posted there and make sure that your post isn't an unnecessarry one). This is known as thread bumping and is not allowed unless the thread is made by you or you have a very good and strong reason behind posting your comment (your comment should relate to the topic at hand, but should also be one that is worth posting under the given time and circumstances). ~ Do not use multiple accounts to boost your reputation points on your main one or to switch over to the other one once you feel like you should no longer use your main one. The first thing mentioned is against the rules and the second one is useless, as we can easily find out if someone is multi-accounting or not. ~ Do not "run" when you've earned yourself a bad name on our forums (when people dislike you and/or do not respect you). This translates to changing your forum username, going inactive for periods of time, switching forum accounts, not talking to people just because you think bad things will arise, giving people negative forum points, etc... ~ Do not give other people negative forum points because you dislike them, have something against them or because you think you're hurting them by doing so. The reality behind it is - you're not. All you're doing is earning yourself a bad name. Giving positive and negative points (liking and disliking posts) is meant to show agreement/disagrement in terms of a subject, not show compassion/hatred towards someone, and is used to indicate your mindset towards the subject at hand. You disliking someone's posts over and over again only shows how immature you are and a lot of people notice it, so people aren't going to agree with you or also dislike the person you're going against - they are going to dislike you. ~ Do not post chats/discussions that you've had with other people unless they've specifically told you that it is okay. ~ Do not ever be condescending to someone just because you feel that they "are under you". And just like that, do not show more compassion towards users with a rank and just disregard others. Be equal, show respect and gratitude towards everyone equally, despite what their forum title might say. ~ Do not do anything that include lies. Undead Uprising can easily figure out if you're lying or not, and given the circumstance - so can other people. You are allowed to state your opinion on something at any time, just don't lie. It's not going to get you anywhere. On our ZAM servers: ~ Upon joining one of our servers, if you're gonna say hi to someone, say hi to everyone. Don't just say hi to UU clan members/staff members and nobody else, it's not really nice. ~ Do not cry about being a zombie. It's something everyone has or will experience and it's something you just must get used to if you're going to continue playing ZAM. ~ If you see someone having a 1vs1 PvP battle (i.e. knife only), don't just run in the middle of it and kill the other person (whether it be a human or a zombie). The point of the mod is survival (for the humans) and killing everyone (for the zombies and the humans), but if you see someone dueling, let them have their duel and then step in and finish the job. ~ Do not ask people to buy you VIP/MVP/Premium/Platinum/player skins/other. ~ If you become one of the first infected (a zombie), don't direct your anger towards the game (don't blame the game for choosing you as a zombie), which would ultimatively make you go AFK, pretend-AFK (appear to be AFK, draw a human over to you and then kill him), camp as a zombie and take part in arguments and insult others. Just relax and play the game. ~ As mentioned earlier, do not pretend-AFK. It is frowned upon and it is just a cheap way of getting kills. You are going to earn no respect by doing this. And if you are typing something and see someone is about to come up and kill you, just run around a little bit, let him see you're there, give him a fair and fighting chance. Don't go for the cheap kill. Also, don't take way too long to write your message, you gotta go for the objective, remember? ~ Do not camp with Forcefield and do not look for excuses as to why you did not run while you had it. Sure, you're gonna get points from it and get some kills, but nobody's gonna like you for doing it and it's basically a way of saying how bad you must be that you can't even run while using it (and remember, the intention behind using Forcefield is for you to protect yourself while running; Raven is a RUNNING CLASS, remember?). ~ Do not say/spam random nonsense in the text chat/mic while playing (about 2 people might find you funny and everyone else is gonna assume you have some sort of a problem). ~ Do not say "+11 bb" or anything along those lines when leaving the game as a zombie. Even though it's allowed, everyone already knows that there are 11 zombies present and you are allowed to leave the game, there's no reason for you to make it so public. Just discreetly leave the server or say something standard, nice, something like "cya guys, take care", just do not say "+11, I can leave, bb" or anything of that sort. ~ Do not ask staff if you're allowed to leave with under 11 zombies (unless you really have a valid reason for it), simply get to know all of the rules and abide them. ~ Do not ask for free items/perks/points/other stuff in-game, just get points and use the shop to attain stuff. ~ Do not follow people around and camp with them if they show signs (tell you or act like it) that they don't want that. I know it might sound rough, but it's the reality as is. ~ If what you are about to say is better off not being said, just don't say it. Think before you talk. ~ If you wish to speak privately with someone, ask them if you may add them as a friend on Steam and ask them there (or you can PM them on the forums/TeamSpeak3). On our TeamSpeak3 server: ~ The UU channel (as well as other private channels) are there for a reason. Do not ask to be moved into channels which you are not permitted to be in. There are many public channels that users frequent on, which you are more than free to use. ~ Don't spam poke/spam message to get someones' attention. ~ Make sure your microphone is properly adjusted and functions. ~ Be open and nice towards everyone you meet and speak to. On Steam: ~ Don't post on the walls of UU clan members/staff members, begging them for free this and that. You are not going to just get something for free. ~ If you are going to add someone as a friend, make sure to leave a comment on their profile, telling them why you are adding them (but don't make it something stupid). Everywhere else: ~ Wherever it is you may come accross someone you know from UU - whether it be a player, someone new, a clan member or a staff member - be polite to them, say hi, don't just disregard them because someone you're close friends with might also be there. That person is also going to remember you and if you've not been nice to them, they will remember your name. REMEMBER - RESPECT IS DIFFICULT TO EARN, BUT VERY EASY TO LOSE AND EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO GAIN BACK! JUST BE YOURSELF AND DON'T CREATE A FAKE PERSONA OUT OF YOURSELF!
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    HOLA :)) My name is Ida I'm 17 years old and I live in Sweden ( as 90% of zam do ) and I study the second year of grafic design. I love to play games and my game addiction first started when I was watching my dad play Need for speed when I was like 5, and then I got my first gameboy when I was 6... then it just kept going on. When people ask me: " how did u get you name Moon Bear " ... Moon Bear ... that a fucking weird name if you really think about it ? Moon.. Bear.. Ok I legit got the name idea when I was making a new emblem, I wanted to make somthing cute so i made a bear and then I had 1 layer left... Well why not stick a fucking moon on the forehead ... And thats how I got my name people. When im not playing on my computer I like to draw, watch netflix / yt / twitch, play on my Nintendo or Ps3, take photos and then edit them, emmm what more... Be with friends ? noooo why have irl friends when u have zam friend ? Right ? Well this was a boring post but I just wanted to introduce myself, and I hope I will see you in game and ts!
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    So, It's somewhat sad, but everyone has to move on, it how it works these days. I personally find it a shock for someone like kex to resign from UU, but in the end, it's what would of happened no matter what. If someone was to say to me that classixz is going to leave, i would laugh and think it's some random ass bullshit. Sometimes we had ups, at the same downs, but overall one of my best friends on steam I've ever had or spoken to, a sometimes annoying, but usually bewildering individual that you could always go to and have a laugh when he wasn't busy. I remember, when Nxt started, i was into the mod idea straight away, i randomly got invited by someone, (do not remember who xd, prolly griggz) and was like, why not, lets see what this is about. And when i joined, i got told all the information and vice versa. I was really looking forward to it, and couldn't wait. I remember that day where ZEM had a server crash, so everyone came to ZAM. That was the moment where everyone decided to leave ZEM and come to ZAM, it was the moment where it all.... just annexed together. From then it was to what it is now. I want classixz to know, that in my opinion, he was one of the best guys i ever really met on steam, he's one of the best -- if not the best coders on black ops ever to exist, and that he deserves a around aplause for what he has done over these maybe just 2, but to some extent stunning years of joy and fun. It's a sad moment, even for me to see that he decided to stop, but everyone has to move on, and we should all support him, as well as others whenever anyone goes, because that is ZAM community is all about, well kinda eh I wish you the very best, and i hope we will see you as often as always<3, no matter what, you have been a massive part of my life, without zam and uu, i dont know what i would be doing right now, if not you, i wouldn't have so many years of so much fun and just everything. I thank you for what you have done regardless. Without you it wouldn't be the way it is.
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    You will be permanetly banned from using our forums as you are breaking our forum rules by using profile pictures like that.
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    someone can win vip, or just help out by posting your own k thx
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    Hello everyone, maybe you have noticed that I wasn't online at UndeadUprising.net from the 21.07 on and neither on Steam, kik etc. I fall into a comatose state for 5 days after I had an motorcycle accident. I am writing this from the hospital, will be back at home in a few days. http://prnt.sc/byqqcv Greetings, -Bloody
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    As you all know Zombies are able to buy a SR71 from the Zombie Shop. A SR71 is most used for finding the other team(survivors), when they are hiding. whenver it's hard to locate the enemy or generally just to find them quick. Remember: A Spyplane can also fulfill these important prerequisites. Zombie vs. Camper: You can use a SR71 to find the camper but a Spyplane also does the same job. You are just not able to see every movement(per second) with a Spyplane but you don't need that anyways when the survivor is camping. Zombie vs. Runner/Knifer: Whenever Survivors run and/or knife it's hard for them to play (for example: when a big amount of zombies are playing against a single human) while the enemy has a SR71. My suggestion: Replace the SR71 with the Spyplane in the Zombie Shop to make the game more fair. Where does the Idea come from? I've noticed that a lot of people start their suggestions in the forum with "platinum class", and "new classes". Also some people keep talking about adding more weapons (but Classixz clearly said he doesn't want to add weapons(because of some reason)). And all of these ideas are big steps, and I want to start step by step, by solving the little problems (which are in fact the big problems) by making the mod more fair. PS: You can keep my grammar fails to yourself. Leave a like if anything of this post was in anyway helpful.
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    ZAM 19.0.8 +Stroke of Daylight at ZAM Arena *New and better spawn locations, no more spawns inside Nuketown *Arlington, Meltdown, Wizard TP & Disapparation will be disabled at ZAM Arena. +Teamwork required to complete the Nuketown easter egg +Overall improvements for the Nuketown easter egg. W.I.P - A fort and tower for ZAM Arena.
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    Hello my friends, Well where to start... It has been awesome 4 years of ZAM/ZEM with great community. While going through these two mods, I have met a lot of players, some of them I liked more and another less, but I have never hate anyone. There were ups and donws, but we still managed to have fun. Classixz did awesome job with creating and improving ZAM, also our staff team did and is still doing pretty well and I am glad, I could have been part of this mod. But sadly after so many years I lost interest in ZAM, almost stopped playing it, therefore I think I shouldnt be Head admin anymore. So I am officially resigning from Head admin. I will still visit site regulary and keep playing ZAM occasionally, also I would like to stay UU-K member. I hope ZAM will have another sucesfull years and I am looking forward to see ZAM in BO3. Braby - The Farmur Of ZAM
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    Well, the name of the topic is a good hint of what is about to go down. This is Fluttershy/Fluffle Puff retiring. (if members even are considered retired) If it's not retiring than I am for say, "quitting/resigning" my position as member. I just can't play multiplayer games anymore. Too many trolls that just aren't worth my time and stress. On another note I will be having school coming up and I'd also like to clock more hours in at work. It was a fantastic ride from start to finish as a part of UU. But my time has come, and I will be needing to say goodbye to all who enjoyed my company. I will still keep my favorites as friends on steam. And the ones who were nice and all. I would go through a list of how I feel about you all but that's a bit cliche and I'd much rather just do it in TS. As for UU-K I'm not sure who would be the second US tester. With everything I will have to be doing I wont really have time to test people out ect. I hope I served many of you well. You might still see me in the shadow's or something, probably hiding in the window curtain. Hope this community get's even more fantastic members! You all have a good one. And that's all I have to say about that. -Forrest Gump. Yours truly, Fluttershy.
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    It's been a while since I made one of my big-ass posts here, hasn't it? Well, if you look under my profile picture, you'll know why. I resigned from the staff team a while back, but never made my post because I simply just never got to doing it, I don't know why. Now, why did I resign? Well, I've lost the drive to keep administration at its' finest, at least from my part. I've lost the motivation to deal with the everyday kids that get on just to fuck around with other people and generally break house rules. I've lost touch with this community, slowly, but surely. Things aren't the same for me as they were before. I don't know, I just stopped playing Black Ops out of the blue, as I am not interested in it as I used to be. I feel like this has been accumulating over time, because I don't have the chance of playing this game with some of the people I used to enjoy playing it with the most (iKinG, Wast, KickArse, Estima, etc...). Everyone's moved on to new things. Even I have. I've recently joined a recognizable Multi Theft Auto clan and I've put all my effort into helping it become better than ever, as I'm not the only thing that's new to it. It's dev team now has one of the best developers I've ever met, and he's also someone who loves doing his job, so I find pleasure in helping him out with ideas and testing. I've also found my sweet spot on the clan's server, as it is big and always populated. It's a European server that has about 150 people during the day (at once) and about 30 at night. There's always someone to talk to. I still enjoy spending time on TeamSpeak with Kevin and the guys, which is why I asked Classixz if I could keep my TS3 rights (for joining rooms, or at least until a new tag is implemented which will mark me as a retired staff member and will (hopefully) allow me to join the same rooms as I can now). We all move on. That's the inevitable truth. Not much more I can say. All I can say is, I'm proud of what I've helped this community become, I'm proud of myself and everyone else who's been by me all this time, I'm thankful to my friends for supporting me and getting me to where i ultimatively got. Who knows, maybe one day I will re-apply for staff and start fresh. I don't mind that. But, for now, things are how they are. And I am not saying that I am gonna stop being forum active and stop playing ZAM, no no. Especially because summer break is just around the corner. However, you can notice that my activity has become lower. Finally, I wish the best of luck to the community and the staff team, hopefully my spot will make room for someone new, someone who will prove himself, just like I did. Best of luck, UU. :)
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    Hi guys! I'm posting this introduction to let my fellow players know that I'm now a Moderator for the US Server. Some of you may know me for my recent tournaments, or from my playing on the US Server. I want you to know that I intend to take my new Moderator responsibilities seriously, and with a lot of thought. I'm not an impulsive person, and will not make impulsive decisions. Thank you to all to supported my MOD app, and to those who didn't, I hope to earn your trust in the future. Thanks, Kevin
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    Pat videos Epic clip knife server Flutt vs Pat knife! Quick Killspree Intense camp Python S&D Right Hand broken and Fully casted (no keyboard use)
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    Dear community, I'm done dealing with people being afraid of me, people talking behind my back, people that don't care, people that don't trust me, people that don't respect me, people that can't come with a solution, people that is just quiet & people that don't understand what it took to get UU where it is. I'm done with UndeadUprising, it's been a project for over three years now and I have dedicated my life to it. I've given the community what they asked for and really tried my best. It has all been for nothing. There's nothing more that I have to say to our community. Either you understand what I've done for UU or you don't. UndeadUprising's forum that I manage full-time with updates and other back-end shit that takes hours and no one appreciate that is still required for UU to fully function. The forums will be closed on the 18th of June when the license runs out. I don't expect anyone step up and take care and manage UU, it's just a waste of time. Do something better with your life. There is no such thing as lack of knowledge when it come to do anything, anyone can run UU, but you got to have what it takes. I might have had it for a while, but the community took it away from me. At least some people appreciate ZAM, or maybe I just got that wrong and they are just to scared to tell me it sucks. ZAM and UU is still the same community and I wouldn't be surprised if you want ZAM to fall as well. For now, I'll leave ZAM out of this. Consider this my resignation from UndeadUprising. Be real to me for once.
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    okok I usually only make H1Z1 Funny moments buuuuut this time I made a Zam video so ... enjoy c:
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    Earlier tonight, I called together a community meeting last minute. We had a good turnout, with a good 10-12 people showing up in TeamSpeak. The main focus of this community meeting was to discuss the topic of the shutdown of the website. This meeting was extremely helpful, after working through many solutions, we've come to a conclusion. I'm glad we had such a good turn out and were so cooperative in working together to find what I think is the best solution to this issue. In the topic Classixz started in which he announced the closing of the UndeadUprising website, he mentioned someone stepping up to take his place in managing the clan. We have reached a solution to this problem. Two members of the community are willing to step up to take over the website as well as manage the clan. I've recently been talking with Stoner and he has told me that he would be willing to re-license the website. Now, that's only half of the problem. I am willing to step up and manage UndeadUprising. After school ends, I will have the necesarry time (and hopefully necessary resources) to manage UndeadUprising. With Classixz permission, I would take the position of community manager, and Stoner the position of website administrator. I think I speak for both of us when I say our interests are that of whats best for the clan. I have been playing ZAM for over a year, and have been a member for nearly 11 months, I would hate for this to be the end. I'm not saying that it is, because in no way is ZAM or UU dying, but the closing of the website would start it. The UU website is a hub of communication for both staff members and the community. Not to mention the store, website reports, prism, and support tickets are all features that would disappear along with the website. I don't want this to happen, as long as I'm here I am going to do everything within my power to keep UndeadUprising, the website, and ZAM alive and running as smooth as possible. But what does this all mean? How will this affect the clan, the staff and the community? - I would take over as community manager, subsequently manage the community and keep things running smoothly, much like Classixz' current position, - Stoner will become the manager of the website and there will be no closure on June 18th - Regarding the community, leadership will be more involved in decision making and in general - Most importantly no one should be hateful towards Classixz in this situation, he will still be considered the founder of UndeadUprising and will still have authority in any decision made in the community My whole point in making this post is to help the community, I would like both UU and ZAM to last as long as possible, and as previously mentioned, i will do everything within my power to do so. Now that I've explained what will happen, how can we as a community get there? - I am going to as that we all keep a positive attitude in this situation, ZAM is not dying, UU is not dying, there is nothing to worry about - Be supportive of the current and prospective staff and leadership of UU, everyone is trying everything they can, with only the interests of the community in mind. - Do NOT spam Classixz (or anyone else for that matter) telling them, or trying to convince them to support this cause, I don't want this to turn into drama OK, I'm sorry this took so long, but I needed to get my point acrossed. The only issue now is Classixz must approve of our plan, but he has been M.I.A. for the past few days, Stoner and myself have been trying to contact him for a few days now. Once we can get a response hopefully we can have a smooth transition of leadership. I would like to thank @xStoner420x for stepping up to help me in this situation, @Classixz for everything he has done for our community, I truly appreciate it, ZAM is basically my second family. Also, I would like to thank everyone who attended the community meeting earlier tonight, even though it wasn't planned, I think it helped to clear a lot of this out, and get people's opinions out there. Thank you all so much for reading, just know I am trying to everything I can to help the community, many of the things aforementioned have already been brought to Classixz attention, it can only get better from here on out. A side note for Classixz: A meeting time needs to be set up soon. I am leaving for one week to go camping this Sunday
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    I've been quietly reading and listening to this entire topic over the last few weeks. I decided early on to stay completely neutral and not provide any input. However, today I can no longer hold my tongue. You kids need to understand something. Just because you want something in this world, doesn’t mean you have a right to get it. The UU community is not a democracy. Classixz created it, developed it, and manages it. He has the ultimate final say in the day to day affairs of both UU and ZAM. If you don’t agree with his decisions, then I suggest you go out and develop your own mod and community website. However, first stop and think of what Classixz did to get to this point in his life. He fully developed a BO mod and supporting website from scratch. A difficult feat for anyone, especially a high school kid and now full-time college student. It’s easy for you to sit back and question his decisions, because you have no vested interest in his community. You simply turn on your computers and expect ZAM and UU to be there. Remember this one thing, Classixz doesn't need this hassle. He can simply pull the plug on this entire thing tomorrow to focus on his education. He keeps it going because he likes seeing the joy it brings to all of us in the UU family. Now concerning Indy's ban. If and when the day should come that Classixz decides to unban him, he will do so. But until that day it really isn't anyone's business, other than the two of them.
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    ─██████████████████─██████████████─██████──────────██████────████████──────────██████████████─ ─██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██████████████░░██────██░░░░██──────────██░░░░░░░░░░██─ ─████████████░░░░██─██░░██████░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██────████░░██──────────██░░██████░░██─ ─────────████░░████─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██████░░██████░░██──────██░░██──────────██░░██──██░░██─ ───────████░░████───██░░██████░░██─██░░██──██░░██──██░░██──────██░░██──────────██░░██████░░██─ ─────████░░████─────██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██──██░░██──██░░██──────██░░██──────────██░░░░░░░░░░██─ ───████░░████───────██░░██████░░██─██░░██──██████──██░░██──────██░░██──────────██████████░░██─ ─████░░████─────────██░░██──██░░██─██░░██──────────██░░██──────██░░██──────────────────██░░██─ ─██░░░░████████████─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██──────────██░░██────████░░████─██████─██████████░░██─ ─██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██──────────██░░██────██░░░░░░██─██░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─ ─██████████████████─██████──██████─██████──────────██████────██████████─██████─██████████████─ CHANGELOG OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS! Character meanings: "+" - This has been added. "-" - This has been removed. "*" - This has been fixed/modified. Weapon updates: + New AA12 + Fire Staff + R700 Acog variant * New R700 materials * Intervention (holes) * Scorpion Silenced + M27, Reflex & Silenced + New Desert Eagle skins + MP40 - Peacemaker - Saiga12 - Ripper - MW1 AK74u * Karambit is now faster to knife with. - Scar-h UI: * The HUD has been changed. + More class slots * Main menu image & music * New loading screen * Better Fov slider, max 110. ( resets on death :-( ) Player skins: + New character has been added. Skyboxes: * All maps now got "night" skyboxes. GSC: * Improvements to the VIP system. * 2014 X-Mas has been optimized for 1.9 release. + New player skin works along with the current ones now. + Massive Arlington block list with invisible walls and death-barriers. * Weapon damages has been changed on some weapons. Things such as tweaking and small bug fixes has not been included in this list. (I don't remember every fix and tweak made as I'm writing this afterwards..) b3: * Due to massive loads on b3 !ts need to be manually typed in. Echelon: + Active bans will have a red box around it. + / * Classified information.
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    The Snipe and Knife mod: Snife I'm making this thread to explain for people what Snife is and to have a place to report bugs and find update logs for the mod. So what is Snife? Snife is a mod that is based out of 3 different uses of weapons, either you vote for Snife, this will give all players a Sniper and a Knife. Snipe, will only give the players a sniper rifle and Knife will only give them a knife. You can pick what weapon you want to play with. Things that still is needed: Something for TS3 usersBalance weaponsHeadiconsLoading screenMain menu backgroundA serverBug fixingWeapons that is added: DSRM40a3R700Barret .50 calInterventionStorm PSRAWPL118AMSRBeretta 23R Tactical KnifeDesert Eagle Tactical KnifeFive-Seven Tactical KnifeGalvaknucklesBowie Knife FAQ: Q: How do I get VIP? A: You will be able to get VIP at https://store.undeaduprising.net/ when the mod is finished and is running on it's own server. Q: Will ZAM MVP/VIP carry over? A: There was some speculations about this however nothing is yet decided. Q: When will Snife be released? A: As soon as possible, but if you have played the early test games that I have hosted on ZAM you can see that there is still work that is needed to be done for the mod. Thanks to all that helped testing the mod today! a lot have changed since that first test we had and now it was much more enjoyable and playable!
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    Ban cookie monster? :troll: :griggo: :griggo: :troll:
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    ZAM Update logs is now back by request. ZAMb3: *Fixed bug making ZAMb3 work slower. *ZAMb3 now print less text. ZAM 1.8: -MP40 Replaced. *All weapons in shop does now have tested and changed damage. +Player skins. +1.5 Class rework *Map optimization. *FMJ now works. *Random weapons will not give you the same weapon again and remove one slot from you. *Random knifes in cold-blooded will not give you the same knife again. +Player skins can be picked at start. +TRollTheDice will now give you more things. *All knifes will now give you point multiplier in cold-blooded. *Sentry Repair is confirmed working. *A lot of prices in the shop has been changed. +New classes -ZAM 1.8 background by Hunting confirmed not being able to be in 1.8. ZAM 1.7: *Hotfix class 0 bug. +Player Skins *Map optimization. +Creator Headicon *Preparing ZAM for 1.8 release. Echelon: +New Logo -Removed really old RQ logs *Fixed bug when searching *Echelon caching is now working and the website will load much faster. TeamSpeak 3: *Fixed crash bug by updating to newer TS3 version. +More slots added +More Game specific channels
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    Sup guys, I'm going to start uploading videos from ZAM and I thought I might as well do a post about it where i can post all the videos i upload. I made my first video about ZAM today, it was also my first commentary, so it's not flawless or anything. Anyways, i hope you guys will enjoy and stay tuned for more ZAM stuff
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    Well it's a sad day gentlemen, as I just moved my youngest into his dorm at college. Gave him my gaming rig for entertainment and classwork, so I hope to be back on soon with a new one. Stoner
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    I doubt its possible, but it would be cool if when you are using escaper and the zombie perk, if you could have the green name above your name visible to actual zombies so its more of a sneaky beaky class xd then they would have to look at the radar to see that you're not a green arrow thing walking around... would make it more fun to play with and troll xD because right now even the biggest noob on the server realizes its a human and not a zombie xd
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    Hey guys, I want to have a impromptu tourny this weekend, so I'm going to have a Run & Gun tournament. No cades, and no adapt/forcefield. Everything else will be permitted. 1 winner. We'll do 3 rounds on US, followed by 3 rounds on EU. This is for $15 Steam dollars. Saturday- 12:00 PM Central Time