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    Used to play on USpatriot account. Got new laptop and new steam account, and this is me The One Patriot!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Pat. Hope you had a blessed day.

  2. Happy birthday! later...

  3. Happy Birthday man! Hope you have good one :)

  4. Happy Birthday Patriot! Relax and enjoy your day!

  5. HBD to one of my most trustworthy friends! Hope today is awesome!

    1. The One Patriot

      The One Patriot

      thanks same goes to you :)

  6. Maps

    New Array tower
  7. ZAM Weekend - April 14th to April 16th

    Im free for a few hours today, les do it, im always in ts
  8. Pats.vids

    ZAM MONTAGEarinooo
  9. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Once ZAM is made in BO3, atleast for as much as you can, please dont add platinum/premium classes. This would keep the game more fun, balanced, and fair.
  10. Map Updates

    My first vote goes to Radiation, there is too many cades on the map and everyt time i load the map it crashes my bo1 (idk if others have same problems or not). Villa and Cracked could use some new spots, maybe give Havana a litlte change too?
  11. a gamer that needs gamers help

    This is the one i Use. Razer Kraken 7.1 Super Comfortable and Good quality. Around 85/90 bucks for new. I bought the Refurbished instead of new for only 56ish USD (But was perfectly fine, so far no problems at all) Link for Refurbished if interested
  12. Pats.vids

    PFF I wish i made it
  13. What happened to me

    Glad your alright bloody, hope to see you healed soon m8!
  14. Looking for the name of a song

    Ask Siri she knows everything.