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  2. ZAM our second family

    You people fuck up this community. Instead of crying whilst writing shitty posts that make no sense, grow up and realise BO1 is dead.
  3. happy birthday ya cheeky skid

  4. Faith's Videos

  5. Happy birthday, Vector!

    Thanks guys. I hope you are all well, been a while hasn't it? Maybe I will come back.. Who knows. I'm currently playing PS4 and I've just done my GCSEs, ten weeks off now. How's ZAM going? Still find it funny that I created the clan and server name.. Haha :D
  6. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    In-game name: ZeNeKSaSHy Steam link: XUID (/steamid): me dunno what xuid is? Maybe some pawn???? Age: 7 Country: kazukstarn Which ZAM server do you play on the most? EU or US?: neither, me pro banned Knifing skill (on a scale from 1 to 10): 11/10 me get all da knifezzz Tell us a little bit about yourself: im 7 and i like sims 3 spongebob and pawnhub,,,, me gut speller and i good knifer, i drink vokda and smoke marjanu with the crew
  7. BriZie..............went OFF!
  8. BriZie..............went OFF!

    So... BriziE: I'm just gonna enjoy watching players join UU-k.Unity|Vector: Mhm.Unity|Vector: Except yourself of course.Unity|Vector: :DBriziE: We all know that I was in UU-K.BriziE: Of courseUnity|Vector: Lemme highlight one word: "was".BriziE: Okay.BriziE: That's just coolBriziE: mate.Unity|Vector: Why we fighting?Unity|Vector: :DBriziE: Why are You keep texting me about this?BriziE: Gonna enjoy watching every noob as: Bellucci, Bloody, CaptainSnake an all of those join UU-K...Unity|Vector: Why?BriziE: (No offensive)Unity|Vector: They've already been rejected ya dumbass.BriziE: Not bloody.BriziE: He got another shot at it.BriziE: Because the leader didnt believe me, when I said he shot me.Unity|Vector: We all know he didn't.. -.-BriziE: Viirus also took a 1v1 agaisnt him.BriziE: There he also shot.BriziE: Ask viirus himself.BriziE: but yet again: He's gonna join UU-K.BriziE: Because You're testing him... (I'm not trying to be any way offensive.)Unity|Vector: Why are you insulting me?BriziE: Well, that's not really what I'm trying to do...Unity|Vector: Everyone's right about you, you're not a nkice guy anymore.BriziE: WOWBriziE: I'M NOT TRYING TO MEANBriziE: Geez.Unity|Vector: ^0[uU-S]^2iamindy33: hes a dumbassBriziE: Indy is also a dumbass... -.-BriziE: Getting mad over I'm killing him...BriziE: But why dont You just delete me, if I'm an asshole?Unity|Vector: Ok then.BriziE: Good.BriziE: Bye.BriziE: But yet again, Just telling the truth, You're really bad at knifing.BriziE: I'm betting on, that You only joined UU-K, because You're sooooooo good friends with Ramsy.BriziE: Also, I You assholes of ZAM made me like this.BriziE: Saying I'm lying. So, I blocked him. xD
  9. Vector's Holiday!!

    Yeah I'm going to Angkor Watt Griggz :D
  10. Vector's Holiday!!

    Depends, you gonna pay for the visa and shit? Or we gonna go suitcase travel? o.0
  11. Vector's Holiday!!

    Well, my summer holidays begin on Friday and I am leaving for 6 weeks - that means no ZAM or any other gaming, except iPad. I will be going to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. I'm really looking forward to it and have been for a while. So basically, it's goodbye for 6 weeks xD. Cyaaaaa!!
  12. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Wow Method Man... Quite an intervention there xD
  13. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Unity|Vector: BriziE... BriziE: Piss off. Unity|Vector: Bro, I'm your friend.. Unity|Vector: Why did you do it? BriziE: *Sigh* BriziE: Now we have to start this.... You'll get a count on 4msg. BriziE: If You hit 4 You'll get blocked. BriziE: A long msg will count as 2. Unity|Vector: Why... BriziE: 3 Unity|Vector: You're not BriziE, just a fag. Go ahead and block me. Think of our relationship first and how immature your being. BriziE: 2 BriziE: Still dont blocking You, Just giving You the chance. Unity|Vector: I don't care. Unity|Vector: Block me. BriziE: 1 BriziE: Okay, I'll. Unity|Vector: You're obviously not interested. And now he has blocked me.
  14. BriZie..............went OFF!

    This game makes no fucking sense...
  15. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    I suggest you stop spamming this thread, or you may be banned (or I'd assume...). Also, Braby did a 1v1 with him and won something like 30-20. We then did a FFA (me vs Braby vs BLOODY) and it finished with me and Braby on 11 kills and him with 7 ( and a bad K/D). In my opinion, you are immature and not an outstanding knifer which UU-K looks for. I'd recommend you do not apply for another 2 months, or you WILL be rejected - as Ramsy said. And hopefully Braby can post the screenshot. :)