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  1. its been 3 weeks!!

    You have been 1st for 3 weeks without any advantages, so I guess you are so good, you actually dont need any.
  2. this is dumb.

    Swastika is old religious symbol which comes from India so I dont see any problem here, and its not even tilted so it doesnt show the swastika which was used by nazis.
  3. What do you drive?

    This is my "company car"
  4. The Future of UndeadUprising

    So in other words you lost interest. It sometimes happens nothing lasts forever. You did good job modding ZAM and leading clan and i know it took a lot of time, but i am also sure you wouldnt do it without interest. And lets be honest ZAM is dying It hardly hits 15 players nowadays so updating and wasting time on ZAM in general seems more and more pointless. So i think blaming community behavior as major thing which lead into your "disgust" is out of place.
  5. New ZAM command

    cg_chatheight 0 disables in-game chat.
  6. This has to stop...

    There isnt any rule which prohibits using others names and since Jesse is regular name It shouldnt be punished at all. just ignore him as others has already adviced you.
  7. I need help with my mice

    I have logitech G502 proteus spectrum (80$) and i am more than comfortable with it but its also cause i am used to logitechs mice shape (I had logitech500 before) but as Griggz said you should get mouse which will fit you so maybe get some razer as you already had some
  8. Happy Birthday Furmer! Enjoy your day off from farming.

    Now get back to whatever you do.

  9. The farming is over.

    Hello my friends, Well where to start... It has been awesome 4 years of ZAM/ZEM with great community. While going through these two mods, I have met a lot of players, some of them I liked more and another less, but I have never hate anyone. There were ups and donws, but we still managed to have fun. Classixz did awesome job with creating and improving ZAM, also our staff team did and is still doing pretty well and I am glad, I could have been part of this mod. But sadly after so many years I lost interest in ZAM, almost stopped playing it, therefore I think I shouldnt be Head admin anymore. So I am officially resigning from Head admin. I will still visit site regulary and keep playing ZAM occasionally, also I would like to stay UU-K member. I hope ZAM will have another sucesfull years and I am looking forward to see ZAM in BO3. Braby - The Farmur Of ZAM
  10. Happy birthday, stlmokevin!

    Happy birthday Kevin :)
  11. Happy birthday, Griggs!

    C Днём рождения Griggz!
  12. can we stop this please?

    Didnt you fucking read what I wrote... that was different cookie (UK) which got noticed and then banned not you, but i suggest to ban you for low IQ and that proof which Viirus showed relates to that different Cookie (UK)...
  13. can we stop this please?

    Jesus Christ since when u are from UK cookie... you havent been banned nor noticed for ragequiting for month. This topic just proves how rashly you write them when you dont even check facts.
  14. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    I didnt say that i7 6700 is bad cpu Its good one, but why would you get so powerful cpu for so bad gpu. If you really want to buy pre-built pc I would rather go for this one
  15. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    I wouldnt recommend this one... srsly i7 6700 with gtx 750 ti, you might get atleast gtx 970 for that cpu otherwise its just waste of money. If u really want this GPU then go for some AMD FX or i5 (4460).