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  1. Funny video!

  2. can't join the black ops servers

    Might want to restart your PC.
  3. can't join the black ops servers

    or those things^
  4. can't join the black ops servers

    It could just be your internet, or BO is not functioning correctly.
  5. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Meanwhile, the tension fills the air. inb4 gets banned for posting on serious topic
  6. 2 New COD 4 servers up!

    Server not found? Will there be any updates by any chance, KEX?
  7. Sore bum?

  8. ZAM WiP

  9. ZAM WiP

    Grammar Nazi much?
  10. ZAM WiP

    I saw that, you edited the post. >Deal with it kid. changed to >Deal with it. Nice one. Plus i dont know what got into you you were not like this before :|
  11. ZAM WiP

    You didn't ever hear me once talk... Why do you have to offend me? Good lord above, this IS a new low, even for you ;(
  12. Server Command Overflow Troll

    dat server command overflow.
  13. ZAM WiP

    It's most-likely going to be on 1.7. I don't know who would put servers on 1.0
  14. How to: Be Retarded :D

    LOL, must be in the hormones, of being retarded :3
  15. ZAM WiP

    Well this sucks. I can't join my most favorite server cause it kicks me for 1. Server Disconnected 2. EXE ERR CD KEY (i dont fucking know)