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  1. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    Me too...
  2. Bug at nuke town

    Because it's important
  3. Nice little zombie feed

    Cade fail XD
  4. Bug at nuke town

    Ok shhht XD
  5. Bug at nuke town

    This a serious bug because zombies can glitch in to the floor and kill survivors. **** and kill survivors
  6. Bug at firing range

    Bug that you can jump from the tower in to the building and can kill anyone
  7. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    are you sure its 15 euro and not 15 usd? btw Euro is more expansive than USD
  8. Internet speed?

    Mine is better http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2762709693 only upload sux
  9. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    Yes but paysafe card only sales in 10 25 50 Euro/Dollars. so peoples who want to buy must pay 5 Euro/dollars more. and who buyed 25 Paysafe must pay 10 dollars - 20 dollars more. i think thats rediculous.
  10. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    thx for the replays i hope UU will add more payement methods XD
  11. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    But like I said not everyone have credit card
  12. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    This is the way to get more donations because not everyone have credit cards or something. Maybe should UU get more payrment methods, like google payrment, paysafe card, bank transfer etc. Thanks for reading this. And yes I want to buy VIP but don't have credit card or paypal :/
  13. Internet speed?

    I think soo XD^
  14. Moderator Application

    i think He must go higher than MOD i think Admin is better for him