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  1. MyXas Humiliating Staff Applications

    its so blunt on app 3 xdddd 'Rejected'. lol
  2. Happy Birthday Emmaaa!  ?

  3. Happy birthday ?

  4. I'm sorry.

    who actually are you chaos?
  5. UU-K application

    id say 2 c: good luck xd
  6. Heyy i am back in ZAM

    No doubt about it.
  7. Cya

    Hi Guys. I think my time has finally came as I have took a break ever since that "incident" and have not really felt like playing ZAM since. I know I will hop onto it every now and again but I will no longer be regular and will not play a lot. I have been playing ever since the mod started and have had good time playing. Because I will no longer play, other than a few times, I am leaving UU. Thanks for the good times!
  8. B23R pistol for platinum

    Personally, I think it should just be made an option when you buy it in the store because if your like me, some people prefer it without the red dot and tactical knife because its a different way to knife c:
  9. TeamSpeak - Permban

    As you guys know, 2 days ago, we broke rules and it turned on to get us permbanned from TS3 and kicked from UU. I clearly see what I have done wrong as the rules I have broke are " Your TeamSpeak name need to be the same name you have on the website and on our servers. " , "Common sense applies to members." and "Don't take influence from other members. Don't give bad influence to other members". I strongly regret breaking these rules because doing what I did under the circumstances at the moment, may have been over the line. I was clearly not using common sence because when I think about it now, its obvious that it would get me a ban and I feel stupid for doing it. As well as this, I should definitely have not took influence from another member as this is what drove me to do it, of course ill take the blame for what I have done but I should not have broke this rule and feel bad for this as well as this is what got me here in the first place. I am sorry for what I have done and I know it Is wrong now, I should have thought before I done it. Sorry. I hope to make this right soon. George.
  10. UU membership is gone?

    1. NMAPLE12


      Yeah wtf why did Gunter get banned and you and Luc got demoted?

  11. I need help with my mice

    Well, I have a Logitech G402 and its pretty nice. It's fairly cheap at about $50 and I don't suki suki like certain people....... ShameonYou
  12. It was my fold not his fold

    get rekt ashamed xdddd