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  1. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

    lol i played more than you i boughed bo in 2010 and started playing in 2012 or even at the end of 2011 but i stoped playing and now i cameback
  2. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

  3. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

    In-Game Name: xXOneShotXx XUID(So you won't get blacklisted and be able to use all the good shit on 1.6): 110000104d9b38a Where are you from?: england london UK How long have you played ZAM (Remember you have not played ZAM for over 3 years, just don't say that..): i think for alot like 1 year Will you give the password to anyone that's not a tester? (Yes or No): NOOOOOOPE even if they going to say they will going to hack meh i say NO Will you leak information about 1.6?(Yes or No): only with permission so nope if not Will you contribute with ideas, and report all bugs you find?(Yes or No): yes will tell you if there is bug and give u some good ideas i will play alot on it
  4. KniiFe_QuiiKz

    and wait i saw the full name of the video and at the end it said trailer FTW how is that possible xD
  5. KniiFe_QuiiKz

    come at meh shame
  6. New Only knife movie

  7. 1 year of swag;3

    and u dont know that u can get rid of the thingy at the bottom by pressing f1?
  8. New Only knife movie

    lol he said he doesnt like dubstep but he uses it in his video xD
  9. New Only knife movie

    firstly i joked about the post about the speedhack u are in a mistake he didnt had any speeding up the theatre he used speedoo xD
  10. New Only knife movie

    Outro heh xD and nice speed hack
  11. AXRILL let other zombies glitch

    Attempting murder with out an murder xD
  12. AXRILL let other zombies glitch

    ye but he didnt glitch if u dont have any proof that he went in to the wall and kill them that banable not just putting tac there he tried no one cares SPAMMER
  13. ZAM Run Grid, firing range

    Ok dusty i understand
  14. ZAM Run Grid, firing range

    Ramsy I live in london. But I write fast and for example I write u for you y for Why and so on and so on
  15. Steam account.

    1 pound = 1.66 usd