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  1. What happened to me

    Wow! Hope u get well soon Im glad that nothing more dangerous has happened to you.
  2. !fpsboost return?

    Negative -You can't snipe.
  3. EDIT/TEAMTAGE Greeny+NoWay

  4. Happy Birthday NoWay*.

    Sorry for being late but hopefully you enjoyed your birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Bro <3

  6. Alles Gute Bruder! Hoffe du hast einen schönen Tag! <3

    1. NoWay*


      Danke,Bruder! ❤

    2. ZoMbieK9


      Happy birthday brotha


    3. NoWay*
  7. Spyplane instead of SR71 (Zombie Shop)

    Awesome Idea. Would be nice to see it instead of SR71.
  8. hi i wont join ZAM

    Haha, just thought am I right now or Bluebird.
  9. hi i wont join ZAM

    Hello!There is a template for applying for [ZAM] Member. Here the Link: Fill in the Answers and you will maybe get accepted
  10. New Limb??

    It is a good Idea but too OP,to make it less OP, maybe could use it just 1 time. Or when you threw it and got teleported you get freezed for 2-3 seconds.Then you can move again and try to kill the survivors.
  11. Dismay's UU app

    This is for new players who wants to introduce themselves.Not for applying for UU-Member.If you want to apply for UU-Member. Go to Join Us and apply there for it! Here the link:
  12. Youtube rank

    Yea,you are right ShameOnYou! But they could get something like a special camo,weapon..etc
  13. Youtube rank

    Maybe 250-500 subs to get that YouTube rank.