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  1. Critical Taco: is there a way you can make me admin? Critical Taco is now Away. De/MindBlast: hahah yea De/MindBlast: Why De/MindBlast: but I wont cuz you dont have #Sweg Critical Taco is now Online. Critical Taco: sweg? De/MindBlast: Ya know #Sweg De/MindBlast: ? De/MindBlast: If you dont go look Critical Taco: nope, im in college. De/MindBlast: Learn #Sweh De/MindBlast: #Sweg** Critical Taco: have you heard of #gay? De/MindBlast: Yeah , you.? Critical Taco: thats u Critical Taco: you shoukd kno De/MindBlast: Cuz I heard it was you De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: ok De/MindBlast: #Gay = Taco De/MindBlast: c: De/MindBlast: I learned Tank you. De/MindBlast: Master, De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: great. glad you accomplished something in your life for once De/MindBlast: Yes.! That's why your a kid asking for Admin.... c; De/MindBlast: It's ok I get you guys all the time. De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: lol... just wanted it for the weapons but okay Critical Taco: C: De/MindBlast: Exactly. A person Ima put on the website. De/MindBlast: So no one will give you chance c: De/MindBlast: HEHEHEHEH <33333 Critical Taco: what? Critical Taco: ap erson youma put on a website? Critical Taco: what? De/MindBlast: Hah sowwy :P Ima put you on the UU website** Critical Taco: okay Critical Taco: have fun Critical Taco: i get kids like you all the time so im used to this C: Critical Taco: do i have to pass a stupid fucking test to get admin or something? De/MindBlast: You have to pass the #Respect Test De/MindBlast: And learn to take a #Joke Test De/MindBlast: c; Critical Taco: lol Critical Taco: hahah De/MindBlast: And not do it for the weapons Critical Taco: that was funny De/MindBlast: Cool. De/MindBlast: c: De/MindBlast: Derp Critical Taco: lol De/MindBlast: Yep. De/MindBlast: Do you have #Sweg now.? Critical Taco: yeah Critical Taco: i think so De/MindBlast: Yay.!(: Sooooo Now ya wanna know how to get admin.? Critical Taco: yeah! Critical Taco: C: De/MindBlast: Go to and go Apply for it and you can fill in the application.! and Itll take several weeks to get in cuz we have no more space for US Mods/Admins. Thank You, Taco Critical Taco: wait so when will i recieve admin? De/MindBlast: You have to apply for it then you have to wait for Us ( Kex/Classix/Griggs) To decide if your in or not. Then if you are accepted there's no room so you have to wait cuz no room for US MODS/ADMINS
  2. Back.!!!

    Yea, I have been grounded for the past 2-3 weeks so Now I can play but yea sorry for never giving a message.
  3. Back.!!!

    Sorry I have been gone for so long..... Welll 3 weeks. I will be a lot more active now I was in some trouble for the past two weeks and its been crazy. but Ill be playing tommorow.! and Be on more and more. Sorry for no reply on any messages sent and if you saw me online before that was mah BROTHERS OR SISTER. Thank you for taking time to read this :)
  4. Moderator App

    Yes. Jus yes. But stop with this appication and Accept it or Reject it. KEXX AND GRIGGS DECIDE
  5. Lucky First Blood

  6. Gamerdog's explanation of everything

    Why Hurt are Minds
  7. Zem People cx

    ZEM' Crus: I wont get to sleep before 02:00 ZEM' Crus: Just cant sleep De/MindBlast~: Lol ok? ZEM' Crus: Then ill try ZAM out ZEM' Crus: Tomorrow ZEM' Crus: BUT I wont leave ZEM(the mod not clan) De/MindBlast~: Lol You prolly will ZAM is addicting. ZEM' Crus: Because ZEM is start of every Zombie mod ZEM' Crus: X) ZEM' Crus: I wontt ZEM' Crus: Trust me ZEM' Crus: I hope i even like ZAM now ZEM' Crus: I didnt like it a bit De/MindBlast~: Ummm Kinda... Have you been there 3 years ago ZEM' Crus: Before De/MindBlast~: I am pretty sure there were mods before it ZEM' Crus: Uhm ZEM' Crus: Mm :/ De/MindBlast~: Yep De/MindBlast~: Jus to let the bomb *BOOOM* De/MindBlast~: Apply Ice to the Burn De/MindBlast~: cx De/MindBlast~: xD ( then this happened WUT) xD ZEM' Crus: Lul ZEM' Crus: I just have coal here, no fire at all if ya talkin about my fire here De/MindBlast~: lol wut? (later that day) ZEM' Crus: Where can i see what i get for vip? De/MindBlast~: ZEM' Crus: I dont want to be VUP(Very Unimportnant person) but i have to be , i can never but shit with paypal ZEM' Crus: :/ De/MindBlast~: LOL De/MindBlast~: cx De/MindBlast~: Parents brah De/MindBlast~: Wait do you have parents? De/MindBlast~: Do I see BATMAN.? ZEM' Crus: XD
  8. Sorry for afk

  9. Sorry for afk

    Sorry guys for being afk for the last days ima get on this weekend c:
  10. Me and anonymous c:

    me too bro :D
  11. Me and anonymous c:

  12. Me and anonymous c:

    Sunday, July 14, 2013 ™♫Anonymous♫™: hey ™♫Anonymous♫™: can i ask u something De/MindBlast~: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss De/MindBlast~: .? c: ™♫Anonymous♫™: when do i get my mod class ™♫Anonymous♫™: ._. ™♫Anonymous♫™: been like 3-4 weeks De/MindBlast~: Lol haha what do you have now?c? ™♫Anonymous♫™: now ™♫Anonymous♫™: VIP++ ™♫Anonymous♫™: and a MOD headicon ™♫Anonymous♫™: LOL De/MindBlast~: Lol dude I only have a deagle and A f**** MP5 xD ™♫Anonymous♫™: o.O De/MindBlast~: thats the mod class xD ™♫Anonymous♫™: seriously? ™♫Anonymous♫™: i thought it's MPL grip ™♫Anonymous♫™: and deagle ™♫Anonymous♫™: and M40A3 De/MindBlast~: Oh that shit i ment De/MindBlast~: i only could think of that cx ™♫Anonymous♫™: so ™♫Anonymous♫™: when do i get ™♫Anonymous♫™: me want n0w De/MindBlast~: Get what? ™♫Anonymous♫™: MOD class De/MindBlast~: I don't understand you cx De/MindBlast~: and Oh MOD class umm whenever Kexx feel s like it c: ™♫Anonymous♫™: u serious ™♫Anonymous♫™: KEX be a trollz0r De/MindBlast~: Yea cuz kexx is cool like that De/MindBlast~: c: De/MindBlast~: I wuv him sexually ™♫Anonymous♫™: he haven't gave me MOD class for 4 weeks now De/MindBlast~: mmm he has a good cock De/MindBlast~: he sent me a pic De/MindBlast~: wanna see ™♫Anonymous♫™: no ™♫Anonymous♫™: not gay ™♫Anonymous♫™: like u De/MindBlast~: De/MindBlast~: jus look cx De/MindBlast~: its amazing ™♫Anonymous♫™: no ™♫Anonymous♫™: gay as fuck De/MindBlast~: trust me look :c De/MindBlast~: XDD You will luv me after this cx ™♫Anonymous♫™: ... De/MindBlast~: Jus look seriosly jus a sec -,- De/MindBlast~: Did you see xDDDD ™♫Anonymous♫™: yes De/MindBlast~: xDDD hahah great cock right xDDDD De/MindBlast~: ahahahhaah ™♫Anonymous♫™: i was joking ™♫Anonymous♫™: i didn't look ™♫Anonymous♫™: i just said that De/MindBlast~: oh wow ™♫Anonymous♫™: so i know what it is De/MindBlast~: loooook ™♫Anonymous♫™: no ™♫Anonymous♫™: i know what it is now. De/MindBlast~: Its a cock De/MindBlast~: What is it? ™♫Anonymous♫™: not gay ™♫Anonymous♫™: u just said it ™♫Anonymous♫™: it's a c0ck ™♫Anonymous♫™: ghay as fuc0k De/MindBlast~: Its a chicken -,- De/MindBlast~: u ahve a dirty mind ewweeee De/MindBlast~: Have* De/MindBlast~: xDDDDD ™♫Anonymous♫™: your immature De/MindBlast~: TROLOLOLOL ™♫Anonymous♫™: that's one thing. De/MindBlast~: cx Griggs did it too xD De/MindBlast~: Lol so hes imatture too De/MindBlast~: xD De/MindBlast~: Hahahha I am telling mommy De/MindBlast~: cx De/MindBlast~: bai HUEHUEHUE I like that pic c:
  13. Moderator Application for the EU server

    Yes.... Very amazing player... So good SOME ONE SAY PROOOOOOO C:
  14. Moderator App

    Stop fighting Gamer and Quick on this guys MODERATOR APPLICATION.... Its not a chat Duh Der
  15. Good friend Ramsy Showed and proof to get up on the place that was called a " GLITCH " on launch and heres a lil VIDEO to show you that it is possible I think we should BLOCK/CADE the area so its a glitch to get up there... Cuz very few people can do this jump....