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  1. What does your computer setup look like?

    What was first just me wanting to picture of setup turned into cleaning up the area and coming up with an idea for using my laptop. Poor-ish quality thanks to iPhone. The drum kit on the left is mainly used to play Phase Shift (basically Guitar Hero/Rock Band for PC), which I'll probably be playing from now on with the laptop in front of it. At any other time, I'll be on the computer there in the middle doing almost anything and everything. Not sure what I'll do with the PS3 since I don't have a power plug for it (probably can find one in the mess of cables in my drawers.
  2. ZAM 1.9

    RIP Ripper
  3. The Snipe and Knife mod

    I'd rather not become the next Vonderhaar.
  4. The Snipe and Knife mod

    And the Locus is in :)
  5. The Snipe and Knife mod

    Fixes that I went ahead and did tonight (that I can remember): -Bots now get the proper weapons corresponding to gamemodes (before they could get an Intervention in knife only) -Pistols can no longer receive ammo with Scavenger -Reset class works while player is alive/dead (if you are in a killcam, it will not show the text saying that you will reset but it still works) -Fixed issue where gamemodes would only give Tomahawk -Vote times have been extended to 5 seconds instead of 3, final menu displaying results displays for 5 seconds now as well (may extend later on if it is still too quick -R700 killfeed icon has the correct size -B23R D2P anims (at least on my end) are now correct -All Tactical Knife weapons now have the same stats when it comes to knifing (knife time, knife delay, charge [teleporting] range, etc.) -DSR-50 has a temporary fire sound (Intervention atm, probably will add in DSR-50 sound I suppose from ZAM) -Intervention reload add time has been set to work similarly in MW2 (on the reload animation when the mag is empty, the mag will be refilled when the player simply pulls back the bolt and pulls out the mag as it does in MW2) -Knifes has been fixed to Knives (Ramsy the Grammar Nazi) Plans for perhaps the next time I work on it (based on past experience, in about 5 months :P): -Add in Locus (basically Ballista but better, from BO3 MP) -Add in the fab three knives from BO1 SP (Prison [Vorkuta], Karambit, SOG) -Make Storm PSR faster in terms of rechamber/reload -Nerf VIP weapons (this one will probably be never)
  6. P90 for starting weapon c: It actually gave me cancer. The easy way to explain the problem with weapons is this way: Images = Color/Looks of the gun. The least amount of images a gun can have (and still have it look nice with shininess/reflections) is three: Color map which is the default look of the gun like this Normal map which adds details such as depth to the model And Specular map, which is made up of two images, but when converted into files the game uses, it only takes one; it adds reflectiveness/shininess to the surface of the gun when it is in contact with a light source so it looks like this Note the way the light shines on the side of the gun. That is the work of the specular map. Materials = Settings game uses to put images on the gun Materials also take up space, but the point of them is that each material contributes the images used. Some materials only use one image (example would be the red dots on the rail of the DSR-50, while others can take four which turns into three (referring here to the color map, normal map, and specular map). So take for example the DSR-50. The DSR-50 (with the scope) has 6 different (and necessary) materials used: The red dots on the rail of the gun, (one image) The main body of the gun, (three images [after converting]) The bullet in the magazine of the gun, (three images [after converting]) The red text and lines on the scope of the gun (look at the dial of the scope where it has 1, 2, 3, etc.), (one image) The scope of the gun, (three images [after converting]) And the lens on the scope of the gun. (two images [after converting, this one specifically does not use a normal map]) This adds up to 13 images. Just for the DSR-50. Typically the main sources of a lot of images come from guns that have multiple materials to them (so sniper rifles for example). One way to reduce the amount of images is to remove the normal maps and specular maps, but that in the end removes details from the gun that makes it look similar to its original counterpart from whichever game it came from. Even with this, there are also other limits to consider which includes but not limited to the weapon file for the gun, the sounds, and even animations. While some limits you may never hit while modding, the main ones you usually do would be the image/material limit (not sure of exact number for images, most likely above 2048 since the material limit is 2048), weapon file limit (in World at War it was 128, but I believe that was increased for BO1), and sound limit (in World at War it was 1600, but most likely increased). Next question may be "Well if those numbers are so high, then how could you possibly hit them with mods?" The problem is that the game loads both the stock images, materials, sounds, animations, etc. and then it deals with whatever mod you load, so in reality the limit is a lot lower based on what is already in the game. That is the issue ZAM is running into. Because of the overabundance in assets being used (not being negative), there is barely any room left to add any new items. So if you wanted new weapons, they'd have to use (as an example) the least amount of images possible or remove guns that use the most amount of images. Hopefully this gives you all that don't mod (or at least not as extensively as others) an idea of what the problem ZAM is having.
  7. Where have you traveled

    In chronological order (excluding places my family was just driving by): Japan, Utah, Washington, Florida, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Italy, Bahamas (Nassau mainly)
  8. Happy birthday, ๖ۣۜKEX!

    Happy Birthday! I think I know what I can give to you as a gift :3
  9. I make maps and port guns from different games for MW1 through BO1.

  10. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

    In-Game Name: Rollonmath42 XUID: 110000105b2226a Where are you from?: United States How long have you played ZAM : A few weeks I'd say Will you give the password to anyone that's not a tester? (Yes or No): Absolutely Will you leak information about 1.6?(Yes or No): To every social media network available Will you contribute with ideas, and report all bugs you find?(Yes or No): Yes, by making abusive complaints (lol, jokes on last 3)
  11. ZAM 1.6

    Should also add this to 1.6 if you can, Deagle with Tactical Knife. This one I have has sounds and knifing animations working and is going to ZEM as well xD
  12. ZAM 1.6

    Maybe add some weapons from BO2/MW2 with the real animations, sounds, etc. so it's pretty much the same like this? :D All have working animations, sounds, and models from their respective games :D All 4 and more are also going into the upcoming ZEM :)
  13. Welcome to the forums UndeadUprising :)