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  1. idk

    Idk if it's a bug or anything but i keep getting the UU clantag thing when i join KEX pls fix
  2. idk

    i'll check in a bit, thx bb
  3. idk

    no i dont get kicked, i just thought i'd address it since i'm no part of UU anymore, i dropped out of the group and i can't access any hidden pages on the website anymore so i was wondering why i still had the automatic clan tag thing. Someone probably just forgot to delete it
  4. idk

    it resets every time the map changes or i rejoin i ain't no part of uu anymoe hell i haven't even played in a year or so
  5. No drama pls

    no offense but how can an ex break up with you
  6. Bring back da flagss

    Old players probably still know the flags, basically teleports to out of the map bunkers They were really nice, especially the ones on firing range cracked and grid Would love to see em back
  7. Again...French Idea.

    poor fella, it's been 7 months now
  8. UU-K and UU-S

    lol, y'all still noobs at knifing bet i can beat u ez and i haven't played for a year now joking aside, is there an anticamp system now? where has zam gone to lul
  9. The Hazmat skin

    4 limbs pls XD
  10. As you can see from the title and have probably noticed I haven't been that active lately. The main reason for this is school. Since I have to redo my year I really gotta go full in now. I can't fail it this year or else i'll have to drop down. I'm currently going for photographer (offschool lessons) and Economy. These lessons are very hard, so I have to study alot, I mean.. We got 2 tests the second day of school. The second reason I am not that active currently is because I'm working 2 jobs. I recently lent money from my parents to buy a car, a pretty expensive one and i already paid off 80K. But now i still have to pay off about 46k So i'm working 2 jobs after school, and investing money (on my mums account lul) and at night, i get around 4-5 hours of sleep a day the rest is going towards school and studying. I just came off work btw, so I am really tired typing this so I am sorry if I made any spelling mistakes. Thought I'd share this with you guys so you don't think I forgot about ZAM & UU. I'll do my best to play a few games a day I took next week off to focus on school and ofcourse a bit on UU. Don't worry (or maybe to bad for you if you don't like me) I am not resigning or quitting UU/ZAM. Welp Thanks for reading I guess. Going back to studying now.
  11. I might be intrested, are you vacbanned on anything, do you have the phone code thing? any security questions?
  12. Again...French Idea.

    do you even know/ realise what you're saying?
  13. Again...French Idea.

    Jesus fucking christ you must be the dumbest kid ever known to fucking mankind If im not fucking talking to you then just shut the fuck up
  14. Again...French Idea.

    when are you gonna learn, DEAD SHIT CANT BE BROUGHT ALIVE AGAIN (unless it's like a living thing ofcourse) & i don't criticize french, it's a beautiful language, but why not post more how should we call it, Global? idea's, Something that apply's to everyone and not just you. I mean it's sooo obvious you're posting this shit only to advance your own rank
  15. Again...French Idea.

    who the fuck even eats popcorn with salt on it? how can it be good?
  16. RQS Server needs admins

    Help me out here, "I promise you can't see my response" ? and "If you're having strange visions that you think is the future" ? "Along with the other issues you obviously have" ? I honestly have no clue whatever the fuck you mean Also i really don't hold a grudge against you, i just think you handled shit the wrong way. You should've realised people would leave after their shit got taken away from them, that's obvious right? or is that just me. And yeah I Complained, but what i meant with stepping up is starting an argument against you, the only person i've known doing this was indy to classixz? but that wasn't really a valid argument i guess. I just thought it's sad to see the old game we all loved died, cause of wrong actions. But aw well, not everything lasts I guess.
  17. Again...French Idea.

    Honestly, to advance a community you need; 1. A community (which this obv doesn't have atm, almost no one posts shit on the website) 2. Good idea's, not just shit that advances YOU (you have been posting these shitty "french idea's" and yeah, i wonder why, maybe cause you're french? And have been dying to be a higher part of UU don't get why though, there's nothing about it tbh) 3. Explain your idea's in proper english so people can actually understand it. Hope this helped you, and please. Try to laugh tomorrow, else it's just a waste of a day (;
  18. Again...French Idea.

    i mean, what are you trying to do here? Start a democracy ? lol
  19. RQS Server needs admins

    who are you
  20. RQS Server needs admins

    This answer shows once again how childish you respond when people step up to you. You just can't take it that people tell the truth about you and your "pathetic little insignificant life" can you? Anyways I really couldn't bother about how you think about me, I already made it in life lmao(Oh lord I can already see your response to this rofl). but where are you? Yeah... let's just not start about that. And wtf do you even mean by "griggs wraith" its fucking letters, on a fucking screen. I honestly couldn't bother Xd I was just supporting my point of yeah well, what this whole topic is about, how childish you act, respond and just generally are. Well, I'm pretty much done proving my point here. cya and @*FR*skoll You're still a nobody, so please stay out of this.;)
  21. RQS Server needs admins

    didn't you leave
  22. RQS Server needs admins

  23. RQS Server needs admins

    It's not just about helping the new people and being nice to them But it's also necessary to keep the players who are were (zam is ded cuz of stupid "rebirth" lel topkek) Playing. Cause look what you've done now, everyone is gone. I can remember you being a dick to me alot, that's not what people want from a "co-founder",Let's take an other game for example; ask yourself this; if the creator of the game comes only to shit on you, would you keep on playing? Yeah, we all know the answer to that. I truly enjoyed my time on zam, untill the rebirth thing. I gave it a shot but nah, no one played and if they did, they would rq after they died. I also pointed you on this issue, but all you did was "nahhhhhhh not a problem". Yeah, look at where you are now. We should've all listened to classixz, when he tried shutting it down. He saw that it wasn't gonna last long anymore, but no, we (and by we i mean the people who paid for the site and serverhost) wasted money, on a game they couldn't even enjoy for long. Anyway, what i'm trying to point out here is that you're being very childish, you're making everyone look like they didn't do shit, while they did more then you probably ever did in these 3 whole years of zam. I can tell you right here right now, that this server had amazing admins, most of them not playing anymore now. @iamindy33 was probably the best to fuck around with, to have a good time with, but no your dumb asses decide to ban him, yeah he did something bad but who didn't? And there were a few others. No im not going to say names cause this post is towards griggs and griggs only. I was deciding on posting this shit, but hell why not. The worst it can do is still not point you on your childish acts and behavior. cya
  24. Bruh.

    Not only some kids lel
  25. Bruh.

    Honestly, if you can't read date of births, i'm not the one being retarded here. Anyway not going to discuss with you cause it'll just be a low level conversation. If you'd really still care about your server you wouldn't be saying shit like this, you'd actually be putting effort in it