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  1. we need more players

    OP means overpowered,well atleast in League Of Legends
  2. this is just boring

    Im not a kid ?
  3. this is just boring

    Stop talking about me all the time,yes i camped and?me and gracjan both better than you in camping and knifing
  4. this is just boring

    Heh,you can add 3 min at start ,cuse nobody cades first 3-4 min 50 cades is ok,but if there is full map its not ok, i dont really care about the update ,cuse i can still camp,and you will still cry
  5. this is just boring

    Dude? Still camping? I didnt even play since the update lol??Unlocking cades? Worst idea ever
  6. camping

    If im on arnligton spot and i got 80 kills,it is boring yes if you cant hit 2 limbs in 10 min
  7. camping

    ahahahaahahahahah,if you cant camp and get 80 kills,its your problem if you are bad at camping,you are just jealous that im good at camping, I dont think there should be and anti camp ,+i never camp at start,first i get alot of points with running and fly to spot+you can LIMB me so if you would know how to limb you would easly double limb me ,i never use stg , I use cow class,but i get sometimes stg as random gun and use it,this kids that made this idea for anti camping,are just jealous because they are bad at camping, you need skill to camp too, if im one of the best campers in ZAM it doesnt mean you have to be jealous, i can teach you something TY
  8. Selling Accounts

    lol Elmo your league account is worth like 150 euro i checked.For 1000 you can get account with Master tier.
  9. Banned for cading from limbs on arnlington spot

    Griggzor that was the only cade idk what where they thinking when they banned me
  10. Banned for cading from limbs on arnlington spot

    i placed only that cade and than i got limbed so you could limb me from other side
  11. https://gyazo.com/069d33d634fb5e2bfa63a221875fbedd So it how did i get limbed if you said than i placed cade so you couldnt limb me? And it is very easy to limb me from both sides i can see that from the screenshot ...
  12. Ban

    Im very very sorry , for my bad words . Can i get unbanned i wont say any bad word t UndeadUprising chat or any admin if i get banned for nothing or for something .
  13. Loadout

    We could add some loadouts to people with platinum : Knife Loadout could have bali instead of pistol and with knife loadout you could only knife and not be allowed to camp....
  14. ZAM Member Application

    Ups Black*
  15. Your in-game name: Sharemyvideo10 Your Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094642008/home What country are you from?: Slovenia How much do you play ZAM?: Every day i have 1200 hours in Blanc ops and more than 700 in zam Have you read and followed the requirements? Yes