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    Im a gamer who loves GAMING especially ZAM :D

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  1. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    Ramsy I maybe have been breaken some rules but i am very active on US and sometimes on EU so i am not inactive or something i am ACTIVE
  2. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    In-game name: Remix Steam link: XUID (/steamid): 11000010 Country: Norway in telemark Age: 15 Which ZAM server do you play on the most? EU or US?: I play most on EU is much more lagg on US and on EU it have been a ban on me but we fixed it but they took wrong and i am unbanned:D Knifing skill (on a scale from 1 to 10): My knife skill is maybe 7- 8. I knife alot i like to rush and that Tell us a little bit about yourself: Well i play black ops 1 very much and i enjoy playing Zam i think i might be ready to join UU-K :D Thanks for reading this :D