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  1. ZAM: Part 2 of getting introduced
  2. my birthday was yesterday D: and i got no wishes from u guys


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    2. Brebe
    3. ZoMbieK9


      no worries viirus not ur fault i didnt see and thx guys

      u are the only people that care


    4. Baguette
  3. thx mate tbh its motivating when someone says that about u or says they like u vids or something
  4. Thanks for the support if u guys need a video edited like mine ask me or greeny
  5. Guys Greeny edited this montage hope u like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbUuIeoryts
  6. Another one https://youtu.be/bpO6ib7C5N0 and another one https://youtu.be/cdlW-lcMbTA
  7. I hit this pretty weird shot today it isnt crazy but it isnt bad https://youtu.be/5tluWJxgxUU
  8. Not as good as the first two but i guess will do https://youtu.be/OlsYeEU3mos
  9. You in FBI or CIA bruh u a spy or wut or just agent Mulder
  10. I added some more to polish and fixed some and even added one to spanish
  11. Suh dudes back at it again with another shot enjoy. https://youtu.be/EuvtVVF0FqI
  12. it wasnt a setuo he was at last he had to do last nice
  13. I have hit a pretty nice shot and I want to share it with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo0ANjM12zk
  14. classixz polish is finished
  15. u polish? And kanz.denis@gmail.com
  16. Since alot of people like knifing/knife every game I thought of an option to choose knife only and sniper only so u only and a weapon no ammo and u can remove it for knife only and sniper only u are aloud to do everything to surive in knife only, only run and block off zombies with cades and u start out with maybe a normal knife and when u get more kills or u live long u progress with the knifes.
  17. This is a bunker i did on crisis but i cant get the codes https://gyazo.com/e54f32aa06df0719fb86c9abbe3aa1f3 https://gyazo.com/2b793380aeac59c1063fd3d5b5fbeb13 Edit: found out how to get code here https://gyazo.com/e6ed579954227929329605ca7906adf4 This is another one i have done https://gyazo.com/28dc6300d3e64a9f838012e246e01893 https://gyazo.com/a5d332a4b2893b1f12a15b866aaf9fdf https://gyazo.com/bc8441c69b6c62070d571a7e09fd36ca http://pastebin.com/PVgRs6m2
  18. So i have gotten banned yesterday from the website and I realised why and I want to say im very sorry and I want to say ik I was very stupid and annoying not only in the chatbox but in UU too I just wanted to say im so sorry to act cancerous and being mean to others I was acting like that because ZAM is my second family and I wanted it to change but I cant make u guys change I realised that the way everyone acts made this community great sorry for being dumb/stupid and annoying sorry for not being active/ not helping much and not helping new players. ZoMbieK9
  19. Woof cat u gonna be a zombie to night and you will be a ZoMbieCaTk9 jk welcome back kitty
  20. thats exactly why i argued with kingjake
  21. Shhhhhh kid this topic is not useless ur useless because u wont even help him u idiot he was explaining and u do not deside if this topic is over so can u just stfu
  22. kingjake sry i think u cant do anything because ur a zam member u can only report so u cant ban anyone and leave jeff alone
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