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  1. Ban because of a bug

    ok thanks Lampa, I will unban you. yes that is a bug!
  2. Old ZAM

    I am GROOT!
  3. is zam dead? 

    The only thing dead is you, Bren! I still play like some others, it still lives on!
  4. [IDEA]ZAM The procedure in turning into a zombie

    я вроде знаю, что ты говоришь о пламени, потому что ты всегда превращаешься в зомби? Кажется, это чрезмерное, так оно и есть!
  5. OMG......i did it!

    I've moved up from doing two cades!!!! yeeehaaaa gran maaaa!!!
  6. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Welcome Soul, well said!
  7. Hi C,

    See the server crashed when we had a few people in,  but wasn't able to restart server. Can we get access to restart?

    i noticed tp cmd !np......... is not working for me now? i like to use when new people join?





    1. Classixz


      Solved, thanks for letting me know. !np is automatic, so no more need for that.

  8. OMG......i did it!

    My first six cader!!! Mykkk
  9. What do you drive?

    What do you guy's drive? That is if your old enough lmao! This is my Holden SS V8 330kw which is my weekend car, as i have a company ute to drive around in during the week. Cheers, BradymaNZ
  10. The rebirth of zam.

    That "Kathy Bates" sister?
  11. How to record | Edit | Upload Videos ;)

  12. unfairly banned

    hmm, how long before you rejoined? 1-2 days?
  13. Sad day gentlemen

    See you on soon stoney!
  14. The Love IsReal :O

    See you later kerby!
  15. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    Can we align people verses map size? Was playing with 3 people but always got large maps thanks!
  16. What happened to me

    Good to see your all ok bloody! Bike verses anything is not good! Get well soon!
  17. ZAM apllication

    Good luck!
  18. Nuketown Easter Egg?

    That's right Xpert, you have to do certain challenges to get to that stage. It's not easy because you have to kinda stay alive whilst doing it!
  19. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    Oww Take a demo, and learn!
  20. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    Issue: BradymaNZ Knifing Why is this a problem?: I find it hard to knife everyone head on! How to fix: (if you know) Either get 30-50 ping, or GOD MODE! Other information:
  21. Pokemon GO

    This is probably more important than poke-mon! Tinting your windows!
  22. Pokemon GO

  23. Pokemon GO