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  1. Hi I'm Death Poenix

    Hey and welcome to UU Community :) Hope you stay here for long time and enojoy your stay :=)
  2. My 1st video

  3. ZAM zombie feed

    Well done, u owned those guys :D
  4. My 1st video

    Well done :)
  5. Finnaly!!! Got my password back!

    Welcome back
  6. My goodbye...

    Maybe his Father was on his Steam again and he typed you never know Even GL Mudder in RL hope we see you soon
  7. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Well that is truth some of this things..But i will not do anymore applications about Clan even i dont play black ops like before
  8. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Dude i dont give a shit if i wasnt accepted i know that i am not good knifer i just wanted to do a tryout...atleast i am not banned on ZAM :D Good Luck dude and get a life Your just jealous on me :/ And really i dont get why arent you still banned on this website really..I will give 50 euro to KEX just that he bans you on this forum
  9. BriZie..............went OFF!

    My brother died when I was nine years old, and my mom got ran over (But she's stil alive.) I doesnt got a good time in school right now, because I'm getting bullied.And of course this is the part where he lied which is easy to say that it was a lied all the time..When i saw this i knew it was a lied And nice job Mindy let everybody know his lie story about him
  10. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Still i am really sad about Brizie :/ did not expect this from him I hope he'll be back at yourself...He was awesome guy and hardcore player R.I.P BriziE
  11. BriZie..............went OFF!

    Lol this is really weird,He banned all staff team? Well havent seen you a while Brizie but i hope you get happy again
  12. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    That is great news :)
  13. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Virius I wasnt your frend on steam never lol....I was rage-quiting before but now nope...And i never met you before on server or forum maybe somebody had the same name as me and you mixed with me and i never wasnt called Armaggedon77
  14. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Omg -.-