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  1. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Hoai! :)

  2. Sad day gentlemen

    Hope to see you back soon, cheers!
  3. hey Bloody ive Just Buyed MVP is it meant to say Active When i dont have it yet ?

    1. Baguette


      Wait 2 or 4 days max and if you dont have your MVP after 4 days ask classixz for Know if you have a problème with your MVP (payement, or with your steam id....)

    2. Bloody


      Sorry for answering so late. It can take anywhere from 1-48 hours before your purchase is activated! 

      If you have problems with your purchase you should always contact our support!

    3. GrimmIsBack


      +rep my name is jeff

  4. Bye UU

    It's very sad to see another good friend leaving UndeadUprising. Thank you for the great time we had and the job you did for UU and ZAM. I wish you the best for the future Ida!
  5. What happened to me

    Thanks for all the good wishes! Tomorrow I'll probably be back at home.
  6. What happened to me

    Hello everyone, maybe you have noticed that I wasn't online at from the 21.07 on and neither on Steam, kik etc. I fall into a comatose state for 5 days after I had an motorcycle accident. I am writing this from the hospital, will be back at home in a few days. Greetings, -Bloody
  7. A bit late, but still Happy Birthday Pat! :)

  8. Alles Gute mein alter Lustmolch ;)

  9. gfx stuff

    Oh, the banner actually brings back memorys of Hunting. Even tho it's very similar to what he did, good job and keep it up Frupiss!
  10. If you want

    Poor Zombies
  11. Bloody's Videos

    Oh, well thx for telling me I didn't notice that. However, he's permbanned so that ban won't make a difference.
  12. Bloody's Videos

    Damn Bloody, back at it again with another video! I hope you guys enjoy!
  13. Happy Birthday! :)

  14. Cya

    @Emmaaa Good luck for the future! Hope to see ya soon