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  1. Hey mate, I have lost PSD files for the UU-S logos that you sent me. Can you resend them again? Thank you :)

    1. Destroyer


      Nvm, found it out on chat.

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday, Griggs!

    Happy birthday comrade ))))
  4. Happy Veterans Day

    How you get your oil then :o
  5. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Product of brain diarrhea.
  6. GFX shit #2

    True. I don't have extensive knowledge at this stuff.
  7. GFX shit #2

    Yeah, everyone can but the most possible outcome is a shitty product. Although I'm not a GFX designer, I think that being good at this consist of two things : Exprience(time) and creativity. Nice stuffs mate. I wonder if you can work on a new UU logo since we have no active GFX atm.
  8. GFX shit

    Looks really amazing. I wonder if you can share more samples. (Sent you a pm btw.)
  9. Got my new PC

    Time for you to reach your maximum potential at gaming. ^^
  10. Happy birthday, Veganlol!

    Happy birthday bro :)
  11. Happy birthday, ViiRuS_iQuicKZ!

    Happy bday captain obvious
  12. Happy birthday, iamindy33!

    Happy birthday liberal! <3
  13. Happy birthday, Ramsy!

    Happy birthday Rams :)
  14. The best\top players in zam (2014-2015)

    Rofl, can't agree more.
  15. The best\top players in zam (2014-2015)

    Don't act like yours is perfect.