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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. Hey mate, I have lost PSD files for the UU-S logos that you sent me. Can you resend them again? Thank you :)

    1. Destroyer


      Nvm, found it out on chat.

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Product of brain diarrhea.
  4. Clan War : UU-S 4 - 0 WoS

    Well, fuck indy then I guess. He told me that you guys played as UUS that time. Also, what I meant by saying show some respect to my men, is that don't treat them like they aren't special, anyone can do whatever they did. But yeah, I kinda took it serious so It's my bad ^^
  5. Clan War : UU-S 4 - 0 WoS

    That's not how it works Griggzie. Underestimating your opponent isn't a good option when you aren't on the top of ladder. You should remember the MeSu match that you played for UUS last year with squad containing indy and jack. I guess you know what happened, MeSu won it 3-1 :) They weren't much better than WoS. In fact, WoS might be better. So, It's not something that "anyone" can handle. Anyways, I don't want to start a conflict with you again but please show some respect to my men.
  6. Clan War : UU-S 4 - 0 WoS

    I would love to see Savannah and Royal playing in the next clan war since they haven't made their debut yet. Also, don't pick anyone from A Team for next match because I want to see how capable B Team is.
  7. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Trial member Royal has become a full member and tryouter for EU side. Congratulations.
  8. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Added new feature and updated currrent Tryouters and Trial Members list.
  9. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Updated content and informed UU-S Applicants via their application pages.
  10. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Brebe, please don't make me regret inviting you. I know you are excited but making consecutive posts isn't nice.
  11. First of all, hello guys. I have been thinking about making a new tryout system for a while. This system will provide applicants to have their tryouts as soon as possible. Before I explain system, I want to talk about what kind of people we will never allow in UU-S. Having extremely bad english language skill (We don't expect you to be Ramsy or any fluent english speaker, just be fine at basic grammar rules), being a disrespected person in any community (i.e UU-ZAM Community, Sniping Community), being immature will be the some of the key factors that won't get people along to join us. If everything is okay with this, Let's get started to explain how it will work. There will be two stages you will be tested during your tryout. First stage's gametype will be 1v1 and you can pick the tester who you want to have your tryout from the list. Winning your opponent is a must to pass first stage but don't worry if you fail, you won't lose your chance to join as we are no more rejecting anyone. You can try your chance over and over anytime you feel ready. If you pass the first stage, you will have two options in second stage which are participating weekly UU-S Clan War Training or having a 1v1 test from division leaders Veganlol, Dean and overall leader Destroyer. Our weekly clan training's gametype is SnD, what you need to do if you are going with first option is, impressing our members. You will be voted by members for either if you are ready to join us or not. If you choose the second option, I really wish you good luck since we all will give our best (in other saying "tryhard") in no-time server. If you manage to get 15+ kills, you will be able to join us. That's it folks, now let's see who are going to look after first stage. Contact the guys in the list in order to start your progress. Update: Applicants who have won one of the tryouters on 1v1, will be considered as a trial UU-S Member for two weeks. They will be able to join UU-S' Weekly Clan Training led by the member who I appoint, and take part in Scrims(Fun wars). What should they do is to impress leaders in either trainings or scrims. If they couldn't manage to do what is expected from them during their 2nd stage period which lasts in two weeks, will be stepped down to 1st stage. Update v2: There will be new type of tryouters who you win against makes you directly join UU-S without taking the 2nd Stage of Tryout Progress. You will notice them as their names will be covered with red colour in the list. UU-S Official Tryouters for 1st Stage Europe ● Asperity [Netherlands] ● Delicious [Netherlands] ● Dismay [Netherlands] ● Hunting [Germany] ● horky* [italy] ● Optimus [spain] ● Savannah [Finland] ● Royal [Hungary] ● Tommy [Turkey] ● Tolga [Turkey] ● Zedricth [Hungary] North America ● Alpha [united States] ● Elmo [Canada] ● iamindy33 [united States] ● Wildey475 [united States] Asia ● MaGiiC [Jordan] Australia ● MakeYouSayWTF [Australia] 2nd Stage Applicants who are in this stage can join weekly trainings and scrims for two weeks. They can check the dates of trainings and scrims here. UU-S Trial Members ● Destiny -> winning Royal with result: 30-28. (Trial member status will be expired on 4 September 2015)
  12. Clan War : UU-S 3 - 0 SR

    Hello guys. It's been a long time not posting a clan war result on website and we decided to inform you that we are still alive at competetive scene :) We played two matches against Soul Removers (SR) in two days and both ended 3-0 for UU-S. Cumulative score sorted by round win in second match was impressive. UU-S have won 24 rounds while SR could only have won 3 rounds. It was also great to see that horky finally made his debut in clan wars and he did pretty good score on last map Summit. We wish to see similar improvement as how horky did from our ZAM based members in next matches :) UU-S Roster Destroyer - Turkey Stuhl - Germany Tolga - Turkey Veganlol - Germany horky* - Italy (Reserve) SR Roster EagleEye The Battousai Tracer TurboTT117 Screenshots Nuketown Firing Range (we had to play 3v4 since Vegan got disconnected at middle of the game) Summit
  13. Two new recruits for UU-S

    Well, this guy has been asking to join UU-S since he joined UU-K. Tbh, he isn't bad at sniping and has a quite good aim but I never thought of letting him in since I had a doubt that he can be second account of Dismay. I asked horky to confirm this and he said they are completely different people. I trusted horky and then cleared all of my doubts about him. It was my fault to not consider what UU people think of him before I let him in, I'm sorry for that. Ramsy contacted and told me the incident he had with Echidna and then I decided to kick him out. I have a suggestion to prevent such incidents next time because I can't know who did something bad since I'm completely out of ZAM for 3 months. I will share it in UU Members Section, cheers.
  14. Two new recruits for UU-S

    Since %80 of the UU-S BO Team went inactive for some reason, we were unable to set or accept clan wars. To fill this player gap, we have recruited two fresh players, Zedricht and Echidna, who have great potential at sniping. I wish them good luck on their self-improving process. Edit: Echidna has been kicked due to his actions in past.
  15. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    Kinda overwhelming to see getting ironical implicitnesses from no-names. What is this self-confidence? like you are the motherfucking beast out there. You guys should start using such remarks when you are/get something really better. You already started playing "the king" after Classixz's symbolic resignation. Since when UU became your own property? Shouldn't you use "we" instead of "I"? Besides that, title isn't "UU CSGO" and since UU-S is autonomous division of UU, can create its own divisions inside unless Classixz says the opposite. So again, I only obey the one who is actually in charge. Anyways, since this topic is being treated as shit, it can be locked. If anyone is really interested, they can have a contact with the guy I mentioned.