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  1. Name: Zombie Annihilation Mod: Explosives are Fun! - Ep 4. Category: Gameplay Date Added: 12/02/2022 Submitter: UndeadBot Zombie Annihilation Mod: Explosives are Fun! - Ep 4. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Explosives are Fun! - Ep 4.
  2. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Living the Dream - Ep 8.
  3. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Braby* - Ep 5.
  4. Zombie Annihilation Mod: 10 000 Points?! - Ep 12
  5. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Best try for Kevin's Tournament - Ep 3.
  6. Zombie Annihilation Mod: The Prodigy - Ep 9.
  7. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Griggzor cyka - Ep 10. & Some BO Clip
  8. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Checking out the Hazmat skin - Ep 13
  9. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Explosives are Fun! - Ep 4.
  10. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Karambit Love - Ep 11
  11. Zombie Annihilation Mod: OK Knife Streak - Ep 6.
  12. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Ez Points Ez Cades - Ep. 2
  13. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Nuktown Madness - Ep. 1
  14. Zombie Annihilation Mod: WMD w/ Classixz & Indy - Ep 7.
  15. funniest i've experienced in my life
  16. Yes I do in fact already know about this bug which was added after the forced zombie update, and I've also notified Classixz about this bug when I first encountered it and when MyXa or whoever it was, were picked twice ~2 weeks ago.
  17. Just restart your game / PC should just fix it kek
  18. hi Zino, ya twat XD
  19. Right now you can't, we will open up the Staff Applications in about a week. If you want to become a Staff member I recommend you act mature, stay active and committed to the community, hang out on the website a lot, have fun, play ZAM obviously. One thing that will obviously make you a lot more attractive as an Admin or Staff Member is if you have a skill no one has so far so you can help us, mainly I'm thinking about programming or website development, but could be something else as well. Good luck.
  20. From now on I will post Staff Changes every month on this topic as our Dynamic Staff ranking system is fully implemented now. August 2017: Fade - Promoted from Moderator to Junior Admin Nagini - Demoted from Junior Admin to Moderator
  21. Congratulations, you figured out why I thought this was funny!
  22. So if you are slightly bored and need a laugh or at least a smile on ya face, read MyXas miserable attempts on creating his Senior Admin applications back in 2013 XD First Application: Second Application: Third Application:
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