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  1. Bugs On Knife Server.

    Wut ^ ?
  2. I'm Done

    Ew, Lemon is gay.
  3. I'm Done

    Best of luck to you Ramsy. ;)
  4. The Only Knife Server

    Thanks KickArse ;)
  5. The Only Knife Server

    http://steamcommunit...PrestigeEdition is my steam profile link. I can't believe I forgot that.
  6. The Only Knife Server

    In-Game name: Drummer <|Hzrd|> Steam Profile link: Age: 22 Your country: United States Knife Skill (1-10): 10 Your notes: I'm a very good knifer looking to get mod/admin on this server. I would like to get mod/admin because like Echo said, some weapons get hitmarkers without getting people kicked, and I would like to kick those people. I put my knife skill as 10 because that is what I believe it is. I have gone 19-0, 22-5, and some other good scores. I don't want to sound like an ass, but I think me, King, and KickArse are probably the best knifers on the server. Thanks for reviewing this app!
  7. TheKnifingDrummer

    Hello there Undead Uprising forum readers. I am here to make a proposal about the UU Zombie Mod for Black Ops 1. I used to be very active in UU and I knifed a lot, and I was very good, but then I was hit by a car whilst riding my bike to my girlfriend's house (Not my fault). I have been unactive lately because of that and I have been starting to play more in the past 2-3 weeks, and before that happened I was talking to Classixz and some other Admin/Mod it might've been King? I don't exactly remember, but we were talking about me starting out with like ballistic knife and speedo (like an admin). I don't need any of the kick/warn/ban or anything, I just would like to start out with those to get some nice knifing clips for you guys because lets be honest, before you can get the ballistic knifes with the hunter class someone usually gets health and you end up dying. If you guys allowed me to start out with ballistic knifes and swift, I would be able to get some nice clips for you to put on a YouTube channel to help you guys get more popular since I'm a very good knifer. Maybe even King too so we could poop out the clips for you guys? Anyway, thank you for reading this post and have a great day! - TheKnifingDrummer