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  1. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Well someone already created Infected mode with mod tools, this got me so hyped since it's close to ZAM. Hopefully we will see a ZAM that surpasses this and brings back the old memories
  2. What happened to me

    I hope you will get well soon bro why didnt u tell me :<
  3. Happy birthday Bren :)

  4. Faith's Videos

    Damn it m8 you got me ((((
  5. Faith's Videos

    Hello guys, I decided to do a highlight vid of the last 3 months, enjoy
  6. Just stop.

    Who the fuck gave you permeation to lock other staff members's topics? It's not your topic so stay away if u don't like it -Unlocked
  7. Just stop.

    I don't understand what you mean as it is very clear what she said. She meant everyone should be able to express their opinion, and that no one should talk about other peaple opinions in a bad way.
  8. This has to stop...

    Jesse plz m8, just think of it as if you have a fan boy who likes your name
  9. Happy late birthday m8 :)) 

    1. Faith


      Thank you Pat <3

  10. Happy Birthday m8!

    1. Faith


      Thank you m8 <3

  11. Happy Birthday Wasem! Make it an awesome one! <3

    1. Faith


      Thank you Bloody bro <3

  12. Happy birthday faitherino

    1. Faith


      Thank you Bren

  13. It was my fold not his fold

    @ShameOnYou Did you even read the post?
  14. Nice profile picture m8

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    2. aShamed


      why do you want a uu pic so badly

    3. NMAPLE12


      Idk just like it

    4. BrEn!


      This is funny, I wanted one so bad but this is harlarious, XD