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  1. Help Me 1 More Time!

    Thanks Bro!
  2. Help Me 1 More Time!

    the prob is its not mine xd
  3. Help Me 1 More Time!

    Hi guys it's me again. Sorry for intoropting and for bad English xD, (I ma very tired) I m back for intensive training for tennis. Planning to play Pro Tournaments next year. And I need a logo. I m really broke and really have no time to make one myself. So I need your help if someone can help me I ll be super thankfull. I would like something like this. Letters R and P (RP) means (Real Person) xD (nickname xd) FAQ xd : why i need logo to put it on clothes my sponsor gives me. Thank you.
  4. Happy Birthday bud!

    1. KingJake


      Thank you dude. :)


  5. Hello, My name is King Jake or Vladimir. I made this post for all people who love ZAM and Undead Uprising, who been here since it all started, and who joined and a lot of time ago. Let me begin. Really to say when I started to play ZAM I felt in love with it, got addicted, I thought that everything is perfect in it. The website, the game, the skins, the guns, everything. All entire time I wanted to be staff of ZAM and Undead Uprising, but I was acting like a small ass kid and I didn't get any acceptions. (Admins who rejected me thanks, because I learned an important lesson) But now it's not about me. Its about where our community is going right now, everybody gets bored, its not interesting, and shit. So look, the old choosing staff system was much better. Because how you choose it now, really sucks. Of course ZAM became an awesome black ops mod. But our community is getting fucked up, and if don't fix it now, the community is going to stop working because people will get bored, and people will start to leave the community, less people on the community less players, less players no fun, no ZAM. had something in it before all this shit started, just remember how everybody loved chilling overhere. What happend to everything now? Where are we all? This is what I'm talking about. I alredy saw something is going weird when @Griggs announced and event at the end of week, it was a great idea to restart all UU members, but it didn't work how it should. I really have no Idea how can we take out Undead Uprising from this shit. Maybe BO3 ZAM, but I am not sure its going to help. Maybe thats it? I don't know. I might be wrong, maybe people ok where we are now, but I 100% sure that people liked old ZAM still. "If you love it, let it go" Me, Vladimir Koshenko, King Jake, I love this community, absolutly love everybody from here, but its not how it used to be. If the community stays like this its not going to last for long. Bye people thanks for keeping me in the community even tho I was such a dick. I ll miss you all.
  6. ZAM Translations

    Borned in russia, go ts and we talk (sounded so serious lul)
  7. ZAM Translations

    and lul bro some of them you just switched places for words for in english it would be Barricade Health and u switched it to Health of the Barricade so don't say its wrong
  8. ZAM Translations

    @My Name Is WEISS I change some stuff in your translations thx for help really didn't had time today, you wrote some stuff wrong so I had to do it so russian will understand it right.
  9. ZAM Translations

    I mean translation is wrong
  10. ZAM Translations

    @Classixz Is somebody else doing russian translation? Because some of my translations been switched to another ones and it kinda wrong xD..
  11. News. King Jake

    absolutly, thanks!
  12. News. King Jake

    Hey guys wasnt on from a long time, I got a serious neck injury (muscels) couldn't stop looking to the right side xD. Skept a lot of school and I have a bunch of homework shit. Hope to get soon as possible!
  13. Happy Birthday Man! Enjoy your day

    1. viirus_iquickz


      No worries, it will be a good day.

      Thanks for your message.

  14. How to increase FPS in ZAM.

  15. harambae

    Yes, blood coming out of my eyes, I cant see anything now xdddd