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  1. Moderator Aplications

    Well ViiRuS said that i cant join US so why not EU?
  2. Moderator Aplications

    In-Game Name (ex. Classixz or [uU]Classixz): Your Steam profile link : My XUID : 110000107e9af10 Why do I want to become a moderator on UU servers ? :Cause i always see people rage quitting and i think its not fair that they dont get banned at that time. Do i have a mic ? :Yes i have a mic but i perfer not to because it maked an irritating sound. Where am i from ? :South Carolina. How old am I ? :I am 13. What's server ? :EU because it needs some admins and i see rage quitting every now and then. Notes : I am zombie slayer some of you guys know me, I am a very big noob, and would love to be a moderator on your server. I enjoy ZAM, all the admins, and i heart Classixz and ViiRus. PS :I heart Classixz. EDIT : I am agree with : Staff rules http://undeaduprisin...lication-rules/ ZAM rules http://undeaduprisin...0-rules-of-zam/ UU rules