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    Hey I'm a moderator that's it. Any questions ? Ask

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Community Answers

  1. Dennyb

    why banned???

    im going to lock this topic until we find out the verdict. i will try to contact classixz about it but no promises. as for right now the ban stays.
  2. come back i miss you old man :'(


  3. @stk0550 the problem more than likely comes from your method of purchase. whether it be your credit card or bank card. try looking into those.
  4. Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  5. ill talk to classixz about getting you added
  6. You misunderstand me, I couldn't log onto the site to urban you its not that I don't want to
  7. tbh this has happened to me as well resulting in a ban. i currently cannot log onto ***** to unban you so ill try to get anothers attentions.
  8. Where are you

    1. gart3


      ask the guy who doxed me

  9. nah its just bee within the past few months
  10. Dann math is not my stronk point.
  11. The one is our zam senior admin and one is a sponsor there is not impersonnation going on here.
  12. Honestly there is alot of time and effort put into this application, im saying id like to see this as one of the ones that makes it into our staff team, although 1 thing is he could use a lesson on his rules.
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