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  1. B3 B3 B3... WHY B3

    You misunderstand me, I couldn't log onto the site to urban you its not that I don't want to
  2. B3 B3 B3... WHY B3

    tbh this has happened to me as well resulting in a ban. i currently cannot log onto ***** to unban you so ill try to get anothers attentions.
  3. Where are you

    1. gart3


      ask the guy who doxed me

  4. Bomber Zombie bugged

    nah its just bee within the past few months
  5. OMG......i did it!

    Dann math is not my stronk point.
  6. Why is there 2 Kevins impersonating me????

    The one is our zam senior admin and one is a sponsor there is not impersonnation going on here.
  7. OMG......i did it!

    how about that 8 stack
  8. Staff Application.

    its not zayden D:
  9. Staff Application.

    Honestly there is alot of time and effort put into this application, im saying id like to see this as one of the ones that makes it into our staff team, although 1 thing is he could use a lesson on his rules.
  10. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    You both need to chill come on its someone's introduction and y'all are gonna fight? Makes sence
  11. Ban appeal

    If you're going to deny it finish it by moving it save others the time.
  12. Ban Appeal

    Hi no I did not call him a stupid kid I called him a script kiddie there's a difference don't go trying to start drama for something I didn't do. As for the deagle he said it was a rapid fire mod there were plenty of people on the server that can verify this. Even if this was your brother you have to be in control and have full responsibility of it. Edit. I can and will get screenshots of our chat. And Griggs was also there and gave me the permission to ban you/him
  13. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    never seen you on the server but welcome to the community from the friendliest non friendly person here
  14. Face paint idea

    um this really does nothing to help/support players facepaint although it'd be really cool and i would love to see it would never get implamented
  15. ban appeal

    I'm going to go ahead and deny this, if you would have timed out you wouldn't of been banned. It would say connection interrupted .
  16. Blind Eye Class

    eh the prices are my main concern and i dont really see a use for the snipers. Also, not being rude but the likelyhood of this being accepted is slim
  17. new maps? here is a portion on mp_nuked by me no ss
  18. What happened to ts

    myself and unforgotten cannot connect to the TS server
  19. Getting kicked

    try reinstalling the mod
  20. US server

    says the salty one about me commenting.
  21. US server

    maybe this topic should just be locked. (oh wait that would be abuse)
  22. Kinder

    LOL got people kicked from staff then leaves the community. #wasteourtime2k16
  23. Lets ban 2 children

    did noone remember what griggs said. no one will be banned

    half. but id check yourself first.