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  1. moses

    ZAM 2.2.0

    What are the rewards of the knife streaks?
  2. My idea is: Since the Hazmat skin got a suit so maybe He will be more immune to limbs my suggestion is like 4 or 5 limbs to kill him
  3. moses


    I didn't play for a long time So I decided to get back into ZAM and snife and I wanted to play snife but I didn't find it bought vip on snife like a half a year ago and now snife is gone. Can someone help please?
  4. Nice dude i wish a pc setup like this too.XD
  5. I loved everything except the 1 in Cracked.But in the overall I love it!
  6. moses


    Snife is down.I think because I can't see it on the server browser.
  7. UU membership is gone?

    1. NMAPLE12


      Yeah wtf why did Gunter get banned and you and Luc got demoted?

  8. Is it just me or every player with a cat picture on his profile is a UU member (except Spacely)? And now the following question has been asked: Should i change my profile picture to a cat? XD,LEL.
  9. Happy Birthday Classixz hope you have a blessed and funny one!

  10. I'm just suggesting its your opinion if it will be added
  11. I think it would be cool if u will add the Storm PSR from the snife mod. Tell me what you think
  12. moses

    ZAM 19.0.8

    The nuketown easter egg
  13. moses

    ZAM idea

    I know thats the idea LOL The spots will stay as they are now the past is the past.
  14. Congratz

    Im so obset

    1. moses
    2. Frupiss


      Why are you upset when you are congratulating to him?:D

    3. moses


      It's because that I failed in the interview

  15. I just checked the !mostplayed command in ZAM and the most hours player spend in ZAM is 821 hours so do not lie
  16. moses

    ZAM idea

    Ok so i taught about a knockable limb it cost 300 Points. Tell me what you think about it.
  17. Why the fuck he got trusted?
  18. LOL the first video said "they destroyed your tactical insertion" and he is a human
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