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  1. Whats up with zam?

    wait it got playerrs in 2017?
  2. [ZAM]Back to the past

    woo zam from 2014 woo
  3. is zam dead? 

    Its dead lul dont even know why classixz is wasting money on it
  4. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Holy fuck are all French people this dumb? Im not the only one who has stated this by the way, and secondly i don't mean do English at school because that really wont help you at a fast rate at all. Also don't question my authority/age, pretty much makes your comment invalid after you start mentioning that. We are talking about English skills not age, nor should age even be relevent aside from how old you are because we are talking about your English skills
  5. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    No you're English doesn't get better day by day. It's as bad as it was now, as to what it was when i first met you, take an English class if you want it to improve instead of telling us it's improving.
  6. ZAM Suggestion (cade price)

    I don't play the mod really much at all now, but i played it recently and I've since wanted to try and get back into it, but there is a single problem, the cade price. In a perfect world i would be able to have 30 ping like some of you European players, but it isn't a perfect world and since it started I've had 280 to now being 340 ping. trying to get enough cades down when they were double the price and hit points of what they used to be was hard enough because of the ping, but now it is impossible, That hectic situation that doesn't really happen very often anymore is something i cannot do, and which isn't because of the skill level but is because of how the game is. I do strongly urge you to take the barricade price and hit box a bit higher but if you don't ye i understand not many people have it like me and if most people prefer small price and smaller hit box then i'm outvoted. Thanks anyways ~Bren
  7. ZAM Event

    Old maps would be really fun, ill come on and play later today
  8. UU-K and UU-S

    BEen a month and havent gotten a friend request, and y+es im on this acc atleast 1 time a week
  9. UU-K and UU-S

    Well whenever your ready msg me cuz i dont play the game anymore so i might not 1v1 that day, and for you Ramsy, the reason i say gg ez is because im used to saying it in league of legends and you might be wondering why, IT is often used to try and tilt the opponent to make them perform worse, not to actually mean easy game.
  10. BrEn's Vids

    Not really, my main is gn3 and i kinda got bored so i started to grief on it, so its gone down to nova 1 from just bans and i jsut played on other acc instead now, like 2 rank difference
  11. BrEn's Vids

    So when i re logged into my account i got kicked out of my YT so i had to create a new one, heres my first vid! Please leave feedback
  12. UU-K and UU-S

    I beat him on everything: First Knife Round (his host): First Snipe round (his host) Went to 60 for me and 52 for him cuz scores off of first round: Second knife round (my host): (got absolutely fucked by me tbh) Second Sniper round (my host) (went to 25 cuz i had dinner) Proof that someone has finally realized that ping is hardly to play as rather than vs: ez pz Now this isint to be a faggot this is just to state that bassicaly all of you are no where near good enough for UUK or UUS, i consider myself good and i got absolutely destroyed by Bloody Pat etc back when it was a thing, The only time i ever got close was when it was my host, and as you can see on my host he got 4 kills
  13. UU-K and UU-S

    HAvent added me yet?