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  1. The Knife Challange

    Does that mean if platinums get 6 kills they wont get a ballistic bowie? I'm pretty sure i miss understood something. And how does misty work with this?
  2. The Knife Challange

    So I don't know if anybody has noticed but if you get more then 6 knife kills in the first minute of the game, you do not get a reward. By the way, i am not sure but i think if you get 5 knife kills, it says you got 2 but gives you 600 points, but that isn't the main problem. I think that should be updated, since this issue has been here ever since this challenge was implemented. Also i think that when you get the spy plane for 5 kills or the sr71 for 10 kills, they wouldn't be instantly activated, but instead given as a killstreak reward. When you get 6 kills you are given a ballistic bowie knife, but no points, and i think you should be given some points as well. Also i was thinking, when you get about 20 or more knife kills you would get a ghille suit, witch protects you from sr71 because that is mainly the thing from witch you die as a knifer (The same effect could also be applied to the scout class ghille suit). The bowie ballistic knife and the sickle ballistic knife has glitchy textures, when the knives are almost off the screen they sligthley teleport and that really bothers me, maybe that could also be fixed? But i went a bit off topic. I would like to see some more rewards for knifing in the first minute.
  3. What happened to kar98k

    But its still in the game, just not on the menu i died yea me too
  4. What happened to kar98k

    So yea, why isn't the kar98k in the mvp selection anymore?
  5. UU-K and UU-S

    I agree, you should bring it back.
  6. ZAM 2.1.4

    Whats with the anti camp? ''You cannot cade 1 min'' but the game has already lasted longer than 1 min
  7. I suggest we ban VeRto

    Uploading videos takes time, i could to that if you need it
  8. I suggest we ban VeRto

    YEa so the thing is that guy has wallhack. hes doesn't have vip or mvp and can find me anywhere on the map in like a really quick time u know? so yea ban that guy. He has wh. No proof required. trust me,
  9. New Members

    Yes, I did the zombie weapon glitch a few times. Shame me
  10. New Members

    So there's all this talk about camping/afk zombies and other things. I think that there should be new members/trusted/admins since no members seem to play and nobody thinks they will get banned for breaking rules. Might i recommend myself?
  11. this is just boring

    Well that could work but with less cades per knife kill because you can just knife while camping. Then raven and the class with the freeze trap would be the new ,would return as the best camping classes
  12. Platinium improvement

    I thought someone would have thought about that but if it hasn't been done then it probably wont be happening
  13. Creating a manual for the skills ?

    Ahh normal knife... thanks
  14. Platinium improvement

    But ofc
  15. Lets talk about STG-44

    I wouldnt want it to be nerfed too much because if you think about it, its the only good class for the Free users thats good while all the Paid classes are OP to the free members Well it is just 10 less than you said