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  1. I'm not too sure/positive if you are going to be returning to the website once again in the future. I just wanted to stop by your website profile and say something meaningful to you.

    Happy Birthday @MakeYouSayWTF. Make it a great one!

    Oh shoot! You made me say/type it.

    1. MakeYouSayWTF


      Thanks man i appretiate it, I do not play zam anymore or any other games really, ive been focused on school and everything, so i hope to return eventually! Thankyou for the birthday post my dude! take care 

  2. Pats.vids

    ez walls Wow!, You actually made the jump!, I Think i was the first one to ever land that? xD
  3. Removal of a Class (Poll)

    Fuck declassified, you're like the only person out of all 26,000+ People on ZAM Hahahah
  4. Happy birthday, MakeYouSayWTF!

    Not really :3, guns are still illegal in Australia, And at 16 you have your learners permit for 2 years then you get your Red P Plate for 1 year and then your green P Plate for 3 years :3
  5. Happy birthday, MakeYouSayWTF!

    guess who passed their driving test guys?, finally on the road now.
  6. Happy birthday, MakeYouSayWTF!

    Im 16, But i have the brain capacity of a 12 year old So secretly im 12, Thanks pat :D
  7. UU Wiki

  8. It's been really fun. :'D

    i will miss you my little redhead american friend!, I cant wait to come over to cali to see you in the coming years, ill be sure to plan it, so save me a room :D, keep in touch with me okai? :D
  9. I'm Back At ZAM

    pls no double post
  10. The best\top players in zam (2014-2015)

    best australian? (ME) :DDDD
  11. New camo menu ?!

    all in all, i think this is a good idea, i guess its up the head staff to decide.
  12. OhMammyIt'sAppleon!

    OhMy!, i remember you!, Welcome back buddy, hope to see you ingame and on TS :D
  13. Name change!

    No, its still gonna happen :D
  14. Name change!

    Fine, i will leave it <3, Just for kev admin you may delete this post if needed