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  1. rqs

    ouh ty :D next time i will send direct links ....
  2. rqs

    but .... can you ban him ?
  3. rqs

    ouhh braby* someone confirmed that i think .... but before when im trying to post something in rep pl section my posts wasnt active ... nobody can see that
  4. rqs

    told ya .... i cannot post in Report Player section .....
  5. rqs

    Players name?: PRIPHON (~) When did it happen?: 24.01.2015 ABOUT 16.00 What did he do?: RQ2 What server?: EU Your notes(Anything we should know?): Not his first time .... proofs : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Iamnotindy/screenshots/ Players name?: GTX F1fandgb When did it happen?: 24.01.2015 about 15.50 What did he do?: rq2 What server?:EU Your notes(Anything we should know?): no ... proofs : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Iamnotindy/screenshots/
  6. Unban PLEASE! :(

    hunting sure xD
  7. UU-K Server

    ye good idea ....
  8. Rude admin

    what he had to say ... ?! he told you truth ...;-;
  9. rq + i cant report in REPORT PLAYER section

    @neejc yes i got something like error i dunno what exactly happend but when i click POST new topic, in right up corner displays inscription : Your post will be shown to a moderator before it will appear on the site but ....sry for my english
  10. rq + i cant report in REPORT PLAYER section

    Players name?: actually hes name is K-S | Qatar When did it happen?: What did he do?:rq What server?:EU Your notes(Anything we should know?):NO have good day/night PROOF:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=357125192 OPUSCIL GRE = LEFT THE GAME
  11. spongebob rq

    jeez sry sponge im really tired today .... sry i need to sleep :c
  12. Vlod rq

    VlOD rq
  13. spongebob rq

    oke my bad, btw. spongebob stfu you cant even band idiot -,-
  14. spongebob rq

    SpOnGeBoB' [T] rq
  15. New pay system

    ye, paysafe card is is one of the most frequently used payment methods in my country ...