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  1. Looks good. I hope i get my computer up soon so i can jump back on zam. Computer wont start for a reason, i think it power supply. Will probably need a new one.
  2. Nuketown Redone

    Thank you! Feels really good Everything you typed up there makes perfect sense wow i didnt not expect that. You are perfectly right, i shoulda put it in that discussion, im sorry i will do next one there. But now to bunkers. Yeah we will redo all maps, but nuked seems like its most owerpowered for hunter out of all maps. Beacuse there are 2 houses which are pretty much all time made so you can camp with 1 barricade. Than there is the garages whics one of them is or 3 person or 1 person, but green garage ussualy is 1 persons garage. Than there is this op spot on the right of green garden, which is just too op for hunters, its ture that zombies can jump over but if you're careful and have lets say rangun you can kill them easily. Next thing green garden. I just felt it should be 1 normal barricade and 1 standing just for "balance", since normal barricade cost 50, but easyer to destroy and standing for 150, but a little bit harder to destroy. I just felt like doing it that way. As i said before everything you typed makes perfect sense, so thank you for that. I really am grateful for your opinions, since you got real respect from me. yeah my bunkers really are bad, need to work on them, so i can maybe get better in doing them xd
  3. Nuketown Redone

    so me and noway were redoing Nuketown beacuse the Nuketown we have is pretty old, so we redone it. here are the screenshoots: well im not so good in doing bunkers, so please be gentle on me any feedback is welcome so feel free to criticize me games_mp.log
  4. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    yeah i will contact classixz about it, but since bloody is not around anymore, we will need another knife master to replace him.
  5. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    All good, i tought you know
  6. why banned???

    That photo got approved by @Classixz who is the owner of UndeadUprising. so i will let him decide about this ban. but i have never heard of button like you described it.
  7. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    so if UUS is back is UUK comming back too?
  8. Fraued!

    what is your IGN? i belive you had BAN for ragequit. did you read our rules in game?
  9. Why im sorry to ZAM

    like beluga said he would just leave and cry in a corner.+ sometimes "randomzombiespickingsystem" picks only one zombie and if it ppicks only him and he leaves it makes it harder for us. i dunno give him 2 weeks ban so he can only ply as zombie. maybe he will teach a lesson?
  10. its been 3 weeks!!

    actually all he does in the game is go camp on most op spots in game than brags about how he is on first place and stuff haha
  11. Why im sorry to ZAM

    whos up for a longer ban for him?
  12. Banned for Rage Quit

    well i dont see you on ban list so ban must be over. contact me if it happens again.
  13. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    wasnt talkin to you tho
  14. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    than you say it. pfftt
  15. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    " It's sad we have to do stuff like this to get a lot of players on " not negative at all. if you want to play it then join if you dont want to then dont. simple
  16. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    you dont have to have your comment on every post tho. noone cares what you think, you should be happy that people still care about zam.

    right here, trying to get trought all exams and stuff and still trying to find some time to play games
  18. is zam dead? 

    no, most of people dont play it anymore but there are few that still play, and like yesterday we were 6 and it was still really good but would love to have more people on many days. so get on man
  19. im not trying to be rude or anything but i really dont get you. yes it is like that, flame just leave and rejoin every game so the script restarts for him
  20. wait what? am i the only one that doesnt understand what he is trying to say?
  21. ZAM Discussion

    good job viirus! looks fine and it has everything really good job
  22. The Peanut got mad

    what the hell. look cookie you are okay guy you are just annoying af. maybe start being more nice and people will like you
  23. The Peanut got mad

    i want to permban you like srsly. stop being so annoying and derespecting everyone in server and most imrpotant STOP CALLING ME PEANUT. now just shut up in server say something nice and stop being so fucking rude and stop SPAMMING to everyone. enjoy your ban than learn to behave.
  24. Banned by my kid

    18 years old with an 11 years old kid* teach me master