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    Im not truly special, im 19yrs old My name is Alex.
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  1. Nuketown Redone

    Looking good not too hard for zombies to get hunters, kinda fair even if there’s like 3 person in good job!
  2. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    Viirus_iquickz , ZAM was dead and we was still a clan we are not only dedicated to ZAM. UUS was never gone, we took a different way i mean by that we are more focused on public server than before. If ZAM have to be gone again this would be pretty sad! This is where the UUS clan is born, but we will still be a clan even if ZAM have to die again.... ( i don’t want it be sure of it! I love that mod the people who play it, the admins everyone are friendly.) Me and Hunting,have worked really hard to keep what Destroyer builded all this time, we won’t let UUS die after all the efforts we put. We are close to be what UUS was before with our new members. As for the recruitment people ask often in-game too we are able to recruit without difficulty, of course i wanted to post it here to make sure everyone still active on website could see it! I wish i have answered your questions about the clan futures. Also i don’t see your comment as a * hate comment* this is the reality we don’t know what will happen however be sure that UUS will stay as a clan.
  3. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    I don’t know what’s going to happen with UUK. I only know about UUS sorry.
  4. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    We finally decided what the tryouts will be. 1. We will spectate your playstyle, and score on SnD public servers *5 matches. If you pass the first test we will proceed to the second one. 2. Win a 1v1 against a selected tester. Then wait the final answer from the leaders. the tryout is hard because we are competitive and determined to reach the reputation we had before. We can’t wait to meet you! - Destiny Leader of Recruitment
  5. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    Hi everyone, UUS is back in-game we will start recruiting few new members for both ZAM & Public Sniper only. Me & Hunting, will create a new tryout for people that want to join us, you can see our new clan page here : Being a UU-S member. You represent the clan while playing ZAM or Sniper server only ( L96A1 ) 1. Being good in public server 2.Being good in ZAM 3.Respect everyone & the rules 4.Helping newbies in ZAM like every members should do. Contact Me or Hunting for more info about us ! Good luck & Have fun.
  6. Accepted on UU-S and got invited Such a good day for me :D

    1. Crouch Dragon

      Crouch Dragon

      congrats fellow Canadian! I was accepted on UU last week on Monday! Great month!

  7. New graphic card

    Hello guys im looking for a new graphic card i already have one but i want 1 more in my Computer so i want a good one can someone tell me a pretty good one ? (my budget is 700$ )
  8. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Now i have a good reason to download Black ops 3 ZAM will be awesome on bo3!
  9. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Thanks you !
  10. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Classixz can you put dsr50 ? only asking.
  11. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Awesome you can add how many gun in Bo3 ?
  12. Black screen

    No but i can test if i disable sun if it appear
  13. Happy birthday to you WHITELIGHTNING I wish you the best ! and have a nice day.

  14. ZAM Black Ops 3

    ok fine ahahahah anyway i will change mine when i will buy my new power suplie so did you know a good graphic card ?
  15. ZAM Black Ops 3

    If we can have FPsboosts i will be happy because i have all my setting on the minimum and still lagging