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  1. ZAM 1.9.04

    wait so UU-K and UU-S are gone now? (or at least the loadouts)
  2. Hi

    Welcome back Faith. We all missed you 2
  3. Happy birthday, Griggs!

    Happy birthday griggz although you don't really know me xD I do know you tho.
  4. Bloody's Videos

    Sucks that you got frozen and killed by a shaman zombie but nice video tho
  5. Heavy gunner

    I'd love to have the intervention in a class but it was meant to be a UU-S only weapon (and ofc now with custom classes you can buy it). Overall I think they should add it but I don't think they will.
  6. Vov4ik Ban from the topics!

    I feel a DDOS incoming
  7. Vov4ik Ban from the topics!

    hahahahahaha it says he's banned
  8. Vov4ik Ban from the topics!

    Lol rip reputation, went from 90-ish to 77
  9. Vov4ik Ban from the topics!

    The reason that Startune said those things is because you said the same things first when he got killed (I was playing with him when it happened), the reason nobody wants to camp with you is because you don't cade. A couple of weeks ago Ida, you, me and some other new guy were camping in one of those houses on Jungle. You had 4000pts I repeat 4000pts and you didn't place a single fucking cade and when you died you were mad at Ida and me for not cading enough so don't blame anyone for your mistakes.
  10. pls Vonderhaar

    Right is da feels man
  11. startoone's videos :D

    Nice, you're learning it bruh
  12. Black Ops 3 ZAM

    yea that's what I think too because what's the point of stacking yourself up up the zombies can just easily reach you with their jetpacks.
  13. I'm coming home...

    Sjors Peters is the bomb!!!!!!
  14. How to get this codes ? ;)

    you can win coupons or some things like that from contests (doesn't happen very often) but if you want to buy MVP/VIP you have to buy it with paypal.