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  1. Happy birthday , if you want for you birthday I'll teach you how to speak English , don't worry you will be the best to English . <3


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BrEn!


      Skill buddy, before you start trying to teach people English, please learn it yourself...

    3. *FR*skoll


      It was à joke youn can't Know It is between me and uvenus .

      Not have to be agressive it was à simple joke. :yum:

    4. uvenus


      lel didn't even knew it was a joke exde

  2. Happy Birthday uvenus!

    Enjoy your day off!

    And don't forget to rekt those salty skrubs on CS:GO.

  3. Yay bro happy birthday

    Enjoy ur birthday <3

  4. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Just... just...
  5. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    Yea and like 33% of DMG people are boosted and when they go play without their friends they get rektdzs
  6. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    Yea then they go win ESL Katowice 2016
  7. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    we lose they do 720 qs with awp top of silo
  8. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    Maybe cuz I am not mainly playing AWP like you do
  9. UU-S CS:GO Division is started!

    I cri me is LE (
  10. tits plssssss

    1. uvenus


      gimme gimme plsssssss

  11. Clan War : UU-S 2 - 1 frozen

    Dean tried to carry lol
  12. Recruitment for UU-S MW3 Team has opened!

    HACKER!! ban ban ban
  13. NEW Server UP! Russian server.

    You maked server for hackers :D