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  1. Redbananaz' Videos

    My first & my only video of the black ops 3 beta, not sure if it should be posted here since it's under ZAM videos, but making another post seems pointless.
  2. Redbananaz' Videos

    Didn't know you speak swedish myxa. but if you didn't, how'd you know if i'm "digging" moon bear or not? :sigh: GG no re (Kawaii monkey-senpai)
  3. Redbananaz' Videos

    Started a new topic for my videos since the other one i had was in the wrong section. Starting off with a 14 kill zombie game, nothing special really. thought it was worthwhile posting tho, hope you enjoy. Don't mind the random swedish talking :p Black ops 3 Beta gameplay:
  4. Game/Item give away!!

    to be honest, i don't think anyone would go through the trouble of paying you a dollar just to get a 1/15 chance to get a copy of garry's mod or a crappy skin
  5. Epic Paint Skills - Contest

    Story of my life
  6. Myst's Pre-cade Bases.

    fail myst, you need to have the videos unlisted, not private. we cant watch it. derpy
  7. Call Of Duty Black Ops - Knife Only

  8. Call Of Duty Black Ops - Knife Only

    pretty good gameplay, but what's with the colours?
  9. Lyf of da bannaz

    I run around, people cry I camp, people cry I don't use UU-S loadout and do either of the above, people cry I don't know what to do, help me. :c
  10. Lyf of da bannaz

    that's so racist towards my kind braby, i can't believe you'd post something like that. :c
  11. Lyf of da bannaz

    /UU/ Zombieannihilation 15 (24) "aw yiss, this many players this late!" *Redbananaz has joined the server* /UU/ Zombieannihilation 6 (24) My lyf.
  12. ZAM v1.8. - Ideas thread

    why would it only require 1 vote? that's an awful idea, should atleast be like 4-5 or depending on how many players are on the server
  13. ZAM v1.8. - Ideas thread

    great idea, i wonder if its possible to make it so it only happens once on each map, so we're not stuck on playing nuketown 15 times in a row.
  14. Jungle

    first picture brings back fun memories from ZEM, i wonder if you p cade there, if you can still strafe jump from the barrels on the outside onto the placed p cade. i like the simplicity of the other bases as well, now we only need to figure out how to make a good base at the mine field :P