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  1. Bruh.

    in theory this would be a good idea, but there are a bunch of obstacles, bad RQ log, admins that don't know how the RQ log works and therefor bans/notices people that shouldn't be banned/noticed, and to top it all of we have a downie who is ddosing b3, and while b3 is down we won't get notices or RQ-logs.
  2. What happened?

    ZAM have 4 players on average. We do not need any admins tbh, but sure, why not. Quite sure some people only played ZAM because they felt like they had to, only because they were admins/UU members, they didn't actually enjoy playing the mod, so if this was the case, they should thank us. =)
  3. Map Updates

    meh, zem was shitty, boring and just horrible. In ZEM you could just say to yourself "ok ima camp and survive this game" and you would, not even challenging. Just get engineer and camp at a "one-way-in" P.cade spot and it was so easy. The cades on zem was horrible while ZAM had so many different awesome spots. But... Now we only have the same maps that will never change lol
  4. AI Zombies

    Not hate, it's called realism. If there is an average of 4 people who play ZAM, and there are already a few AI Zombies servers, why would anyone want to play just this one. And AI zombies is not that much fun that at least I am willing to lose money over it.
  5. AI Zombies

    why not? why would someone else waste a lot of money on a server that you want? (=
  6. Bye bye

    Hello, and welcome to the Undead Uprising forums, happy to see that you made an introduction! as viirus said, dont take that 2 srsly xd Well, good luck with everything and I hope we will see you in the future. But btw, school or 1 job isn't an excuse to not play ZAM or go on the website. I doubt go to school from like 06:00 - 20:00 but if you do that or have a job after school I understand. you probably wake up at maybe 6,7 and then go to school and you're home ~16.00 maybe, and if you think ZAM is fun, then you'll play ZAM xd but I also understand you don't want to play ZAM or go on the website =) I wake up at 6:00 and get home at 16:46 and if I wanted to I could play ZAM for a few hours every single day, but I don't want to =)
  7. Weapon skins

    I mean it would be good to sell camos (or camo packs) on the website store. 1. They're not pay2win 2. Money helps zam stay up =)
  8. Weapon skins

    Not really an original idea, but sure, create some camos for Classixz, post them, and if we really like them he might add it into ZAM.