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  1. 3 times zombies in a row

    Don't cry about it. its random.
  2. OMG......i did it!

    Yes......You did it!
  3. Nuketown V2

    idk about bunker but make it we can run easily.
  4. BrEn's Vids

  5. camping

    I'm gonna delete my clan group So, if they use UK tags no mean. And I'm sorry for that make this stupid group. "black ops Knifers "? thats a good idea.
  6. Brebe's streamings

    Hello guys I'll start Youtube Streaming.I usually stream Saturday or Sunday. My first stream I hope guys enjoy.
  7. Zombies with gun

    Well, a long ago i got ban for this.
  8. Happy birthday Bro <3 have a nice day.

  9. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day! <3

    1. Brebe


      Thank you bro<3

  10. Happy birthday Enjoy ur birthday!! <3

  11. US server

    In US 200 ping in EU 300+ ping I hate my country.
  12. US server

    Cuz you have good ping right? A lot of US players can't have good ping( I have 300+ping). Many Japanese people call like you a "自己中" (zikochyuu)
  13. Happy birthday <3 Enjoy your birthday!

  14. The Hazmat skin

    ikr How to kill the campers?