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  1. if you want to play with me for the last round and talk with me im going to play at 6/10/16 at 3:45pm and also to talk with me the same time i will be on btw that will be last game on the us server and on zam and my youtube channel is going down jabowky18 signing out for the last time
  2. The Future of UndeadUprising

    good job people no more zam get a life people signing out jabowky18
  3. Happy BD jabowky18! :3

  4. Happy B-day Jabowky!! :thumbsup:

  5. What does your computer setup look like?

    you thote that was my gameing set up haha
  6. my appacation

    i have waited for 3 weeks ok
  7. my appacation

    i would like to say it has been 3 weeks sence someone has look at my appacation and replayed im not trying to rush them but im tring to remind them about it ok
  8. a youtube camo

  9. a youtube camo

    I think classixz should put in a youtube camo on guns gust to say they are youtubers
  10. jabowky18

    btw i lost connection to my steam all the time so if i time out i will try to join ok
  11. New Class

  12. jabowky18 ban

    its not Tuesday so how did I get ban please could show me.