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  1. RQ every game

    das is guud.
  2. Again bugs?

    those are some hideous graphics right there ;o. not to point out doe.
  3. ZAM Translations

    why just don't go English to whatever language on internet. and ..... copy paste what u want inn other lang. Btw . isn't brebe Japanese? xd
  4. background pics 2.0

    I just write black text on white background. and from there make the design. ;v #noskillsmallballbag
  5. background pics 2.0

    lol. ur not stealing da show. I make the logo s from scratch. just add a text with some nice font then just design it. ima be learnin 4d cinema. heard its better.
  6. The rebirth of zam.

    I correct ur mistakes. :3 not to point out that u write wrong. just to show . "hey all if .............idk. I am curious who will be in team UU. we don't know what can happen.. nolife admin? life is weird... and I finished this post with my grandmother who is hot........rebirth of zam.... (wohoo!)
  7. The rebirth of zam.

    ur grandmother looks like she will kill me.....
  8. AAANND We're back!

    add trains
  9. background pics 2.0

    TY good way or bad way ???????
  10. background pics 2.0

    if you've read "background pics" u mustve seen the horrible pics I made. but after improving "a little" I learned how to make these stuff. . so... if .... u .... want one... u can pm me.. :3. I'm sorry if the pics aren't that good.
  11. Why I'm currently not that active

    SON of a hard working man..... my gawd u have a goal. and an expensive goal.
  12. this is dumb.

    I like trains.
  13. answer this please

    k ty
  14. answer this please sucks ;c