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  1. No drama pls

    So what if u run or camp doesn't change the fact that u are the moderator and you make the decisions, decisions that shouldn't be affected by crying kids.
  2. No drama pls

    You shouldn't listen to them they should listen to you.
  3. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    So ? I was just pointing out one reason why I think you are immature, I mean to ban kinder from the website cuz he '' disrespected '' you is also immature , if you as a staff member can't take constructive criticism then u are not old enough or mature enough to be a staff member... cause no matter what you do people are gonna complain and bitch about it.
  4. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    I was just answering unforgotten why i think SOME of the staff members are immature
  5. KinderBueno Make Video on ZAM#1

    Nice thumbnail
  6. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    yassssssssssssssssssss one in the chamber ;- ;
  7. not a UU anymore but always will be

  8. The Love IsReal :O

    I love u
  9. Bye UU

    Thanks Kevin And Kevin pls don't blame yourself for anything that happened during the drama, I think we all did stuff that we regret but you tired to hold everything together for a long time! :>
  10. Bye UU

  11. Bye UU

    Thanks Viirus :3
  12. Bye UU

    well im still gonna play and stuff im just leaving UU