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  1. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day!

  2. I don't really find a reason to keep Indy banned. Then again I don't really know you either. I just don't think that in unbanning you is going to hurt anything that isn't already hurting. I vote unban Indy. I have watched your videos tho good shit.
  3. Looking for a new black ops 1 moderator if so i'm your guy.
  4. BrEn my good friend happy b day. 

  5. Anyway someone can take over paying to keep the forums up?
  6. ^ best answer ever
  7. Hey BrEn don't beat yourself up about it you where just following your heart for what you thought was right. On another note when I clicked on this I was mad as shit because at first I thought you were leaving as well, and I was like "well blue is my only friend left in zam".
  8. happy b day ^,..,^

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