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  1. A question

    im agree with u i think what really zam need 1.REAL player 2.update on map and mod
  2. A question

    leading what? u kno , i see u are using big words , lead , manager or etc , but what we see in real , this is game , people click on join bottom , a round starts with count down , some people become zombie and look for surviver , surviver die , round finish ,gg or bg , another round ... thats all
  3. A question

    hello every one i have a question in my mind, can u answer to it? why a mod need a community manager?
  4. Happy birthday! :)

    1. Altair


      thanks you :yum:

      with a huge delay

    2. Baguette


      yeah i see that! ^^


  5. Whats on my mind? My mind? Mind?

  6. RIP Cookie

    ye hookah , i have one too xD it is wrost if i do it once or twice a day ... bt once a week is cool =) its badly fun after i eat kebab.
  7. RIP Cookie

    what about shisha (hobble bubble).... i smoke once a week
  8. Altair is here ^_^

    other information about me .... 25 years ... civil engiineer ( actully computer programing was my love ... and i dont kno why i read civil ... i start learning q-basic when i was 11 and made my first game with my brother when i was 12(a simple and foolish game :huh:) ohh another : my first computer was a pc with 4mb graphic card :P ....
  9. Altair is here ^_^

    i made this topic cause i think other guys may have question about me ^_^ ... actully most of guys amazed when understood im from iran :lol: ... so feel free to ask any question
  10. Altair is here ^_^

    thanks u myxa ... ;)
  11. Altair is here ^_^

    hi frupiss ;)
  12. Altair is here ^_^

    indy do u use xbox360 controller??? i saw your videos and saw xbox controller
  13. Altair is here ^_^

    ;) :) :D