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  1. Free mvp bug

    Its simple when you have bought vip you cant choose the mvp classes and havt got the mvp loadout.
  2. Comeback [Halfbanana]

    Thats the thing because i want to stay at VIP Status ;D
  3. Comeback [Halfbanana]

    Finally im back :D. Greetings from the half banana
  4. I leave Zam ...

    Thank you guys to say i should stay . Well its motivating me that you said that i think i will stay and make the best what i can with the situation on the server now .
  5. I leave Zam ...

    I dont really now what i should do . Its not really nice when you only want to play and get hated for things you didnt do . But thank you
  6. I leave Zam ...

    Hello guys i played this mod 3 years i enjoyed this 3 years rewlly much but ... The Zam community is now only tryharding cring and the most of them break rules 24/7 . I was thinking about to leave Zam some weeks ago . I took a break for like 1 week and then was looking if anything changed in the community . Changed anything ? I go ingame play on nuketown and going to kill some campers (campers!!!!) so they was sitting in thehouse then legalize weed tryed to knife me i killed him . His reacton ? OMG CAMPER OMG VIDEO OMG SCREEN . 1 minute later i killed fuzzle when ge camped His reacton ? Same . Fuzzle said he will report me . 1 min later i said like 3 times to him where the report is . Then a admin said why i need to cri and cant play ? . No respect in this community anymore . But thanks for the good times i will miss you all especally : @faith @ifrupiss @noway .
  7. ZoMbieKiLLeR's videos

    Isnt really a quad feed xddd

    Nice work !
  9. Gta 5 10 $

    Hey Guys i trade my Gta 5 Account (pc)against vip to mvp ( for my steam account HalfBanana) . When you Guys are interested send me a message on steam or on the Forum.
  10. Do you want a gamekey? :=)

  11. Your memories!

    Cant Stop the f8's <3
  12. How to get this codes ? ;)

    Hello forum members :) I know i am very stupid but how to get this coupons Or gifts for buying vip to mvp or something :) Thx dor your answers .
  13. Stats Bug !!!

    I checked stats every death because i believed it was a bug sry ;( But thx for your help
  14. Stats Bug !!!

    Hello community of UU. My problem is ... I have a stats bug . On radiadtion i had 20004 deaths and died 1 time next game i checked stats at the start and had 20016 deaths THEN i died never (afk) and checked stats next game and had 20026 deahts ;( Can i do something against it?