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  1. Their in-game name: Classixz Fan 1 / Gromila_Спокойствие
    Server: /UU/ Zombie Annhilation EU
    Time of incident: 5:30 PM CST - 5:49 PM CST
    Proof (Images/Videos): 



    1. viirus_iquickz


      I guarantee you that you were probably just waiting for someone who is active on the website to respond to this...I am not too sure if the other people who visit the website are going to notice the "Recent Status Updates" on the website, but surprisingly I did for some apparent reason...

      If you want to report someone on the website, do it on the right section/forum of the website next time (https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/82-report-player/). I am very surprised that you followed the correct report template, but didn't even post the report in the report section of the website. *facepalm*

      On to the report that you made. Many people in the community think that those types of spots are okay to be at actually and that those people should not be reported and banned at all. As long as the survivors are visible to the zombies (which they clearly were), I don't see anything wrong with that (and I am sure other people would agree as well). But if the survivors start covering themselves with the barricades (which I clearly didn't notice at all) from the limbs, cade-limbs, and whatnot, then that becomes a problem, and then they should be reported and banned (and I am sure other people would agree as well). Also, I noticed on the screenshot that there was already a moderator in-game, so I don't know if they did anything at all regarding this situation. I'm assuming they didn't do anything which prompted you to make a report on the website. You could of asked the other players in-game, they probably would had told you something similar as well. I also know for the fact that Classixz and some of his testers have managed to block off certain spots on all the maps. Oh and by the way that's Arlington (a player skin) with jetpack fuel. That's why you can sometimes see players being at those particular types of spots on all the maps.

      In my opinion, it is not that hard for me to buy cade-limbs, limbs, and whatnot to kill the survivors on those particular spots. I also don't think it is that hard to knife the barricades as well from down there. But that is just my opinion, you can either accept it or you can deny it. I really don't care what you do, I am just trying to help out to the best of my ability.

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